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Cheapest African countries to visit in 2024

In distant Africa, far from Western civilization, many beautiful, untold places have been preserved in all corners of the continent: the mysterious and unconquerable Sahara Desert, the stunning forests of Ethiopia, and the famous African savannah, to name a few.

Masai shepherd watching sunset
One of the many beautiful untold places in Africa © Getty Images

If you start thinking about traveling to Africa, don’t hesitate – just go! You will have a unique opportunity to see what is hidden from human eyes in the depths of this vast continent for a relatively small sum of money. The exchange rates in some African countries are beneficial for tourists, affordable flight fares can be found, and there’s a wide range of reasonably priced accommodation options.

Inexperienced tourists mistakenly think that Africa is still an unchartered and dangerous continent. But Africa is very diverse. Everything changes from region to region-culture, climate, cuisine, and standard of living. It would be wrong to label the entire continent as dangerous. We have collected the top safest, cheapest, and most interesting African destinations to visit in 2023.

Cheap African destinations where you can travel on a tight budget

  1. Morocco
  2. Egypt
  3. Ghana
  4. Mozambique
  5. South Africa
  6. Kenya
Moroccan mountains, perfect for hiking! © Getty Images

Morocco – A country where tourists feel like they stepped into a fairy tale

A trip to Morocco is like traveling into a magical Arabian fairy tale. The waterfalls, the eternal snow on the Atlas mountaintops, and the tangerine trees are just some things that will make you fall in love with this place at first sight. Famous Casablanca, the immense beaches of Agadir, noisy medinas in Marrakech, and majestic mosques like The Hassan II Mosque are only a small part of Morocco. And what makes Morocco even more attractive for travelers is that all of this can surround you for around just $10 per day on average.

Best places to visit in Morocco

Whenever you go to Morocco, all the cities and resorts are charming all year round. Let’s look at beautiful and affordable places you can visit.

Dive into some medieval history in Fes at affordable prices

The city of Fes is where you can get lost in the labyrinth of small, crowded, authentic streets. Here you can admire the architectural treasures of the country: the Al-Qarawiyyin University, the Blue Gate of Bab Boujloud with its original ornaments, and the Art Museum in the mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Idris II.

Chefs in local cafes do not scrimp on spices to treat you to the best Moroccan dishes and alcohol at reasonable prices.

Say hello to camels walking along the beaches of Essaouira

Essaouira, beach and cityscape in Morocco
Essaouira, beach and cityscape in Morocco © Getty Images

Located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Essaouira is an excellent place for a wonderful holiday at a cheap cost. Here, you will feel an authentic Arabic atmosphere while walking along the narrow streets or watching camels that stroll next to the ocean against the backdrop of a bright sunset. In addition, there are several art galleries and tourist attractions for both adults and kids.

Visit Rabat, one of the best-known capitals in Africa

A trip to Rabat is a chance to see numerous historical monuments, taste delicious Maghreb cuisine, and relax on luxurious beaches on the Atlantic coast. You can stay at the Kasbah of the Oudayas on the Rue des Consuls, where tourists rent inexpensive apartments and stroll along the Rue Jemaa street through the kasbah in the evening. Here, you can also see a 12th-century mosque and admire the ocean view from the open observation deck.

Everything you did not know about Morocco in numbers

Area: 710,850 km2 Language: Moroccan Arabic Capital city: Rabat
Population: 37.3 million Local Currency: Moroccan dirham Time zone: GMT+1

Average monthly temperatures in Casablanca, Morocco

Avg Temp Casablanca Morocco

Sightseeing and safaris, the perfect combo! © Getty Images

Egypt – Where the capital of African tourism is

Travelers from all over the world adore Egypt for its variety of attractions like the Pyramids of Giz, comfortable beach holiday resorts, and exciting ancient historical monuments and iconic sites. Egypt is known not only for its beauty and rich history but also for its low prices. Nevertheless, even within this country, there are areas with very different price points.

Best places to visit in Egypt

Let’s look at the cheapest places in Egypt where you can enjoy coral reefs, the Red Sea, wide sandy beaches, the warm sun, and upscale hotels at reasonable prices.

Hurghada – A famous resort with affordable prices

If you are looking for a well-promoted city of tourism, check out Hurghada. It is much less expensive than the famous city of Sharm el-Sheikh. The main advantage of Hurghada is that you are not far from the country’s historical sights, and at the same time, you can relax in a pretty decent hotel at a fantastic price. Sandy beaches are another point in favor of Hurghada-although the corals happen to create certain inconveniences.

Seclusion at a low price is guaranteed in Safaga

Unlike Hurghada, the resort of Safaga is not so popular – so it doesn’t receive as many touristy crowds. Even though the city is not very big, the amount of entertainment is quite diverse: ancient sites, remarkable places for diving and windsurfing, necessary conditions for fishing, and the sophistication of gourmet street food and seafood cuisine. Here, you can rest and get healthier by taking advantage of the sand known to have healing properties, and the unique microclimate helps people cope with skin diseases.

Go to Cairo to travel back in time

Cairo is a treasure for anyone who travels to Egypt. The alleys here are reminiscent of the Middle Ages, making you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Giza Egypt Pyramids in Sunset Scene, Wonders of the World.
Giza Egypt Pyramids in Sunset Scene, Wonders of the World © Getty Images

If you like budget-friendly traveling, you’ll definitely love the shopping in Cairo as well. Visit the Khan el-Khalili market, where you can buy high-quality leather goods, brass lampshades, signature Egyptian jewelry boxes, and more-all at low prices. Drinking Turkish coffee or mint tea at Fishawy Café is one of the best ways to end your shopping trip.

Everything you did not know about Egypt in numbers

Area: 1,002,000 km2 Language: Arabic Capital city: Cairo
Population: 104.3 million Local Currency: Egypt pound Time zone: GMT+2

Average monthly temperatures in Cairo, Egypt

Avg Temp Cairo Egypt

Ghana – The right destination for you if you think nothing can amaze you

Ghana is a highly interesting destination, even for those who have already visited the most famous African countries and want to experience somewhere truly colorful.

By European and American standards, this country is inexpensive. In addition, Ghana is very safe compared to many other countries in Africa.

Best places to visit in Ghana

Ghana is a mix of the beliefs and traditions of many African tribes, refined over the colonial years. Here are the most outstanding vacation spots for you to check out.

See how African originality supplanted its European past in Accra

Ghana and its capital Accra were significantly influenced by Europe during the era of colonization, and you can see it everywhere. When you go shopping at Makola Market or Kaneshie Market, you feel the primal African colors and friendliness. Trotro parks, Sly Fox gardens, and Labadi Lorry Park show you a rich abundance of exotic plants. And local beaches like La Pleasure Beach and Labadi Beach are also unique due to the generous African sun.

Market Day at Makola
Market Day at Makola © Getty Images

Akosombo – Dive deeper into Ghanaian culture

The town of Akosombo is not as large and developed, but here you can experience almost all kinds of water activities. In addition, local residents will involve you in the local routines and traditions with great pleasure.

Enjoy the sea and local art in Kokrobite

When in Kokrobite, you will find a rare institution for Africa: the Academy of African Music and Art. In the city, besides the charming sea, you can enjoy many creative studios, workshops, exhibition halls, and other colorful institutions of the heritage of African people.

Everything you did not know about Ghana in numbers

Area: 238,533 km2 Language: English Capital city: Accra
Population: 31.7 million Local Currency: Ghanian cedi Time zone: GMT+0

Average monthly temperatures in Accra, Ghana

Avg Temp Accra Ghana

Sun Rise On The Africa
Sunsets in the African plains © Getty Images

Mozambique – European services at African prices

Stunning nature, a fascinating underwater world, and rich flora and fauna await you in Mozambique. This country surprisingly combines monuments in developed villages, modern luxurious cities, prehistoric foundations of wild peoples, and trendy, well-maintained beaches.

Best places to visit in Mozambique

Let’s see what cities are the best in the historical country of Mozambique.

Pemba – A paradise for sea holidays

Pemba is a cozy port city built in the early 20th century. It is a pleasant and relaxing place, surrounded by white sandy beaches and palm trees, with reasonable prices for everything.

From Pemba, you can take a boat to the Quirimbas archipelago, a group of 50 fantastic small islands with stunning flora and fauna that will have you in awe.

The local atmosphere of Inhambane will capture you

The province of Inhambane is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. To experience the local vibes, board a dhow (a traditional Arabic sailboat) and take a trip to the beautiful islands of the Bazaruto archipelago – a natural wonder on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Maputo – The capital of Mozambique will surprise you

When travelers go to the capital of Mozambique, they do not expect to see such a dynamic seaside city that is full of energy and life. The wide avenues are lined with markets, shops, and interesting architecture that mixes the old colonial period with modernism.

Maputo skyline
Maputo skyline © Getty Images

When night falls, hang out in one of the bars and clubs, rocking to local rhythms until the sun rises over the Indian Ocean. As for beaches, Ponta Malongane is a favorite among travelers.

Everything you did not know about Mozambique in numbers

Area: 801,590 km2 Language: Portuguese Capital city: Maputo
Population: 32.1 million Local Currency: Mozambican metical Time zone: GMT+2

Average monthly temperatures in Maputo, Mozambique

Avg Temp Maputo Mozambique

South Africa – One of the most advanced African countries to visit

South Africa is one of the richest countries on the African continent (but it’s still affordable for the average tourist). A country of contrasts, it combines the primeval and the modern. Stunning beaches, magnificent mountains, an array of forms of wildlife, and other unique sites in South Africa amaze travelers from all over the world every year.

Best places to visit in South Africa

See below for the best and cheapest places that you need to visit when you’re in South Africa.

Sun City – Visit African Las Vegas at African prices

The name of Sun City speaks for itself. Imagine what a cool holiday waits for you at a green oasis in the middle of an extinct volcano, where the best artists, architects, designers, and builders have created a truly ideal world for recreation and entertainment.

After admiring the local sites, try your luck at winning a fortune at the Sun City Casino. It is called an African Las Vegas for a reason, but it’s much more affordable.

Durban – Are you brave enough to swim with sharks?

Durban, the second biggest city in South Africa, will offer you the best time, with its charming sandy beaches. It is the diving capital of South Africa, and the coral reefs are fantastic here. The fearless usually opt to swim with sharks: the number of sharks per capita is higher here than anywhere else in the world.

As for cultural Durban, do not skip the old part of the city and its Indian quarter – which is one of the most remarkable places with its majestic mosque, considered the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cape Town – This city might become the most beautiful in the world

Over the last five years, Cape Town has appeared on the destination lists of more and more travel agencies. And it’s no wonder since its reasonable local prices, together with a harbor and world-famous sites like the Cape of Good Hope and The Company’s Garden, stun everyone.

Cape Town
Cape Town © Getty Images

Everything you did not know about South Africa in numbers

Area: 1,220,000 km2 Languages: Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English, Sesotho sa Leboa, Setswana, Sesotho, Xitsonga, siSwati, Tshivenda, Ndebele Capital city: Cape Town
Population: 60 million Local Currency: South African rand Time zone: GMT+2

Average monthly temperatures in Johannesburg, South Africa

Avg Temp Johannesburg South Africa

Kenya – Where modern cities and African savannah meet

Kenya’s history is a combination of different eras – from the origins of civilization to the Middle Ages to the present. Its unique nature and developed infrastructure will make your vacation a memorable one that you’ll remember for years to come.

Best places to visit in Kenya

Let’s see where to go in Kenya for a beach holiday, cultural vacations, and exciting adventures.

Lamu – A paradise relaxation at a good price

Relaxing, secluded, contemplative beach holidays in Kenya can be had in Lamu. Enjoy the diving, boat trips through mangroves, and walking promenades through quiet streets with local architecture. What adds to Lamu’s charm is that cars are absent.

Admire the historical atmosphere of Malindi without sacrificing the service

Travel world. lava pattern in Tsavo west Nt park and road passing.
Malindi, known for its historic atmosphere © Getty Images

Malindi boasts excellent tourist infrastructure paired with a remarkably preserved historic local atmosphere. European top-rated hotels and an abundance of entertainment provide a great place to rest after browsing the narrow, ancient quarters with medieval buildings.

Nairobi – No sea, but great facilities for family holidays

Nairobi, the capital of the Republic of Kenya, has no sea. Nevertheless, it has the best conditions for outdoor recreation with children. Go to the Capital National Park, where famous safari tours set off from. Many African museums, the Giraffe Center, an orphanage for elephants, and beautiful skyscrapers can also be found here!

Everything you did not know about Kenya in numbers

Area: 582,646 km2 Language: Swahili and English Capital city: Nairobi
Population: 54.9 million Local Currency: Kenyan shilling Time zone: GMT+3

Average monthly temperatures in Nairobi, Kenya

Avg Temp Nairobi Kenya

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