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Is a trustworthy and legitimate website?

Finding cheap flights can be challenging, especially when you don’t know where to begin. takes your problem and turns it into an opportunity by providing you with the cheapest deals so you can travel wherever you like for an affordable price.

Here at, we use a variety of reliable features to bring the cost of your flights down. Our powerful search engine, Kiwi-Code technology, and unique travel hacks allow you to add everything you need to get to where you’re going. And these are just some of the things we do to guarantee you the lowest possible fares!

You’re probably here to find out the answer to the question, “Is a trustworthy and good website?Let us give you your answer.

Where is based? is located all over the world. You can find our headquarters in the Czech Republic in our offices in Prague and Brno, but we have other offices in different cities across the planet where our dedicated teams are working hard for our customers.

How long has been in business? was founded in 2012 under the name “,” which rebranded to “” in 2016. Fast forward more than ten years, and we’ve become one of the most popular flight search engines on the web with 100 million daily searches by users, many millions of daily price checks by us, and an average of 60,000 seats sold every day.

Since was established, the world has become more accessible as we push low-cost travel to the next level. Our company’s genuine mission is to provide you the cheapest travel options others can’t find to make travel affordable for everyone. Seeing the world should be available for all to experience.

Is a trustworthy partner?

We often see questions on various platforms online asking, “is safe for booking flights with?” The answer is yes, Kiwi is 100% safe and legit.

We’re a reputable travel company with one objective, to use our innovative technology to help you find affordable flight options to get you from A to B. We work with 600+ airlines and have 299 ground transportation links to make your travel dreams come true. is entirely free to use. We don’t charge any hidden extra costs to use our website or our exciting tools like Nomad, our multi-city flight search that lets you visit multiple places on your trip. Our technology collects information from across 95% of the globe’s flight content to find low-cost fares and provide them to you so you get to see the world.

What’s the Guarantee? Will it protect my trips?

With the Guarantee, you always have the option to get to your final destination even if the airline your flight is booked with changes the itinerary. Your Guarantee covers all flight legs, connections, self-transfers, and bus or train journeys.

When you add the Guarantee to your trip, you’re covered for the following based on your particular situation:

  • Any changes the airline makes
  • Refreshments contribution
  • Refund of alternative itinerary
  • 24/7 assistance while traveling
  • Accommodation contribution
  • Airport transfer contribution

There are some situations where Kiwi Guarantee doesn’t apply:

  • Late check-in
  • You change the trip itinerary without contacting beforehand
  • You don’t respond to our offers within 24 hours
  • You don’t provide the correct travel documents or have the proper visa to enter the country you’re traveling to
  • The airline denied you boarding because you breached their rules
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather conditions, labor strikes, and more.

Investing a little more cash in the Guarantee is definitely worth it. There are a number of situations that can affect a flight’s departure time. When you have the Guarantee, it protects you from potential problems that may arise on your trip.

Read more about the Guarantee.

How works, and how we’re able to find you incredibly cheap fares

We’ve told you about us being one of the cheapest flight search engines online. Now let us show you how we find you the best deals with our travel hacks.

What’s’s secret to finding cheap fares?

We don’t work to help the airlines, we hack the system so you fly for less. We don’t mean to brag, but our Kiwi-Code technology and travel hacks helped our valued customers travel 18.2 billion kilometers in 2022 for incredibly low prices.

Here’s how we do it.

Self-transfer – Our self-transfer itinerary allows you to get to any location, even if there’s no existing itinerary available. We do this by connecting airlines that have no connecting routes together. For example, say you wanted to get from Bangkok to Dublin at a reasonable price. Instead of flying with one airline for the duration of the route, we would book the second flight for you with a different airline to bring down the cost of the fare.

We don’t just do this through flights. We also combine buses and trains to create different travel itineraries, so you get to the places you want at a reduced cost.

Hidden city hack – Our hidden cities hack is great if you like to travel to popular destinations and you want to beat the high prices on popular direct routes. Let’s say you want to travel from Amsterdam to Barcelona, but it costs too much. We’ll find you a two-leg itinerary with a layover in Barcelona, where you decide to say “Hasta la vista, second leg!

Throwaway ticketing – Throwaway tickets help you hack the often expensive one-way fares. So, if an airline is selling a round-trip ticket cheaper than a one-way ticket, we’ll offer it to you, even though you’ve set your search filter to one-way.

Nomad – Why see one city when you can see a couple in the same amount of time? Nomad is our multi-city combination travel hack that allows you to tell us what cities you’d like to see on your trip during a specific period of time, and we provide you with the cheapest possible route within seconds. This feature is easy to find. Just go to our homepage and choose Nomad from the search menu and start adding the stops you’d like to make. There’s an option for you to decide whether you’d like to make the journey as a round trip or end in another fabulous city. The possibilities are endless when you book with

Flight price alerts – The prices of flights are constantly changing. When you use our flight price alerts, we’ll notify you about any price changes as soon as they have been made. This way, you won’t have to search for a flight route multiple times on a daily basis; we’ll just send you a notification if there has been any movement, so you can buy at the price you want.

What’s Kiwi-Code and how does it help you?

Traveling on a budget is made easy with Kiwi-Code. It’s our secret weapon that assists us in finding inexpensive fares that other flight search engines simply can’t see. It scans over 50 billion flight routes every day, so we never let a deal for you get by without us seeing it.

Our customer support

Does offer 24/7 assistance while traveling?

At, our customers are everything. We believe that when you purchase a ticket with us, it is our duty to be there in case you run into any trouble along the way while traveling.

Our Help page is designed specifically for issues you can solve independently without help from one of our agents. Whether you would like information regarding refund options or a list of travel restrictions at the destination you’re traveling to, you can see a complete list of queries through the page itself. Are you struggling to find what you’re looking for? Check out our new chatbot that can help with a lot of the questions you have, so you don’t have to wait in line to speak to the support team.

If our Help page can’t solve your problem, that’s where our support team comes in. Here are some of the valid topics you can contact them about:

  • Additional services
  • Baggage
  • Changes, cancellations, or refunds
  • Check-in and travel documents
  • During the trip
  • Payments

We hope this helps you understand how is safe, trustworthy, and your best choice for finding and booking your next travel adventure!

We wish you a very pleasant journey.