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Your Guide To The Most Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations For Your Next Vacation

If the thought of leaving your four-legged friend at home while you’re sunning yourself on holiday is too much for you to bear, fear not!

At, we know that pets are a part of the family, so we do our best to make traveling with your furry companions as straightforward as possible. We’re here to provide you with all the need-to-know information about the best places to travel with dogs, cats, and other animals.

Boy and Dog looking out of a Car Window
Boy and Dog looking out of a Car Window

In this article, we want to give you a rundown of the top spots for your next pet-friendly getaway, from beachside locations where your dog can roam free to cities full of cat-friendly cafes.

Where Can I Go On Holiday With My Dog Or Cat?

This is perhaps the first question many pet owners will ask themselves when planning their vacation. In short, you’ll have a wide range of places to bring your beloved pet, including spots in the U.S.A., U.K., Europe, and Asia.

Each country or region has its own rules and requirements for entering with a pet, making some destinations more challenging to visit than others. For example, if you’re traveling with your dog to Hawaii, your pet may face quarantine on arrival, while flying with big dogs in the cabin won’t be possible on flights to the U.K. unless you’re flying with service dogs.

Anyone flying with their dog or cat internationally from the U.S.A. will likely find European countries among the easiest places for a pet-friendly trip. However, traveling domestically will also give you access to plenty of ideal vacation destinations for both beach bums and city lovers with their fur babies.

Although we have detailed guides for what to expect when flying with animals to a range of locations and advice for traveling with your dog, cat, or exotic animal on a plane, this post will focus on pet-friendly travel destinations that offer the best experiences for you and your canine and feline friends.

A small brown pomeranian dog in the middle seat of a plane

What Are The Most Dog-Friendly Cities In The World?


Let’s kick things off with some of the most dog-friendly vacation spots that you’ll find Stateside.

Denver, Colorado – Not only does Denver have 12 dog parks, but you’ll also be able to bring your pup for walks along the city’s nearby hiking trails.

Skyline in Denver, Colorado
Skyline in Denver, Colorado

With multiple hotels and rental properties welcoming dogs, you won’t have any trouble finding a place for you and your doggie to rest up.

Portland, Oregon – Consistently ranked as one of the finest places to vacation with your pooch, Portland has heaps of parks where your dog can burn some energy off their leash.

Also in plentiful supply in Portland are dog-friendly restaurants, some of which even have a separate menu for canines!

Austin, Texas – Speaking of eateries that cater to furry friends, Austin has enough to rival any American city. Spots like Dog House Drinkery and Yard Bar even have annual memberships for dog owners, though if you’re visiting, you can just pick up a daily pass.

Austin has more than just parks and pet-friendly restaurants, though, boasting water parks that welcome dogs when your pet needs a break from the Texan sunshine.


Most European countries are crazy about their pets, but here are some of the top holiday spots for a smooth pet travel experience.

Paris, France – Parisians have a serious love for their pups and some of the most relaxed property regulations in Europe. As a result, you’ll have no problem finding somewhere to stay with your pet.

Small dogs can travel on public transport for free, while larger breeds may need a ticket. Your furry friend can even do some sightseeing with you, as dogs are welcome at the Luxembourg Gardens and the gardens at the Palace of Versailles.

Berlin, Germany – When you’re looking for vacation ideas with pets, don’t skip out on Berlin. With many outdoor attractions, your dog can easily explore this historic city with you.

Once your dog is in a crate or on a leash with a muzzle, they can ride with you on metros and buses. Dog-friendly hotels and restaurants are also super easy to come by.

Milan, Italy – It might be a little too warm for your pooch during the summer, but Milan is a fantastic place to holiday with your pet during the cooler months of the year.

Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano at dawn
Milan Cathedral, Duomo di Milano at dawn

Lots of hotels, vacation rentals, cafes, and even shopping malls welcome dogs, and they can also hop on all forms of public transport as long as they’re leashed and muzzled.


Some of the best-rated places for people to live are also among the finest locations for pets.

Vancouver, Canada – Canada’s nature-lovers paradise of Vancouver has an abundance of parks, beaches, and hotels that accommodate dogs, including popular spots like Stanley Park and Kitsilano Beach.

Many restaurants and bars also allow dogs inside or on the patio. Check out Uncle Abe’s, where your pup can sip on a dog-friendly cocktail!

Toronto, Canada – Canadians love their doggies, so it’s no surprise to see a second city feature on this list.

Views of Toronto skyline
Views of Toronto skyline

Much like its West Coast counterpart, Toronto has countless dog parks with off-leash areas, cafes with spaces for dogs, and pet-friendly hotels. Better yet, it also hosts festivals like the famous Woofstock to celebrate all things canine-related!

Melbourne, Australia – Melbourne has a much milder climate than many Australian cities, making it the top spot in the country for four-legged companions, especially now that the country has slightly looser import regulations than before.

Lots of green spaces in the city are excellent for strolling with your pup on a leash, but many of the beaches, like St. Kilda, also have designated time slots for dogs to get their zoomies out of their system.

What Are The Most Cat-Friendly Cities In The World?


Those living in the States are pretty enamored with their cats.

Miami, Florida – Most of us associate Miami with pristine beaches and wild nightlife, but this city doesn’t get enough credit for its status as a cat-friendly vacation spot.

Thanks to its array of cat cafes, pet-loving lodgings, and adoption centers, Miami is regularly ranked as one of the best places to vacation with cats. The only downside is their super sticky summers, but this tends to be more of an issue for dogs.

Atlanta, Georgia – Aptly nicknamed Catlanta, Georgia’s capital is home to hundreds of accommodations for cat-owners.

Cats are free to join you in tons of cafes and restaurants across the city, and you’ll even find cat-themed haunts like The Catfe.

New York, New York – Feline friends in New York have it all, from cat-friendly hotels to funky eateries where they can join their owner for lunch.

Woman with dog on multi colored retaining wall by sea against city
Woman with dog on multi colored retaining wall by sea against city

Many New Yorkers choose to rescue cats, so you’ll find cat-focused amenities in each of the city’s five boroughs.


Europe has its fair share of cat-loving cities, too.

Rome, Italy – Dogs aren’t the only ones who can live it up in Italy, as public transport in Rome permits kitties to explore the city with you once they travel in a carrier. You’ll just need to pick up a ticket for your cat, which is usually pretty cheap.

Rome skyline at sunset with Tiber river and St. Peter's Basilica, Italy
Rome skyline at sunset with Tiber river and St. Peter’s Basilica, Italy

If your pet is happy to stay in a carrier, you can even take them around sites like the Pantheon, too.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – The Dutch adore their cats just as much as their dogs, and Amsterdam has some gorgeous pet-friendly hotels.

The city is even home to a Catboat that you can visit, where dozens of abandoned cats can get shelter.

London, England – From Westminster to Notting Hill, London has a wide range of inns where your cat can enjoy the high life, too.

Also dotted around the city are endless restaurants and cafes that permit cats, making London a pretty great destination for traveling pets.


No matter what corner of the globe you reach, you’re sure to encounter some cat enthusiasts!

Tokyo, Japan – The Japanese make no secret of their deep love of cats, so your feline friends will feel at home in Tokyo.

As the birthplace of Hello Kitty, there’s no shortage of hotels, rental properties, and eateries where your fur baby can accompany you.

Sydney, Australia – Sydney has jumped on the much-loved cat cafe trend where you can spend time in a coffee shop populated by adorable felines, but also has plenty of spots where you can bring your own kitty along with you.

Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor with downtown skyline, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sydney Opera House in Sydney Harbor with downtown skyline, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Hotels with designated guest rooms for pets are also easy to come by.

Taipei, Taiwan – Taipei has its very own cat village, so you can rest assured that this city holds their kitty-kats in high regard.

Cats can travel in style on Taipei’s trains as long as they stay put in their carriers and are welcome in many guesthouses.

What Are The Top Pet-Friendly Beach Destinations?

San Diego, California

When you’re asking yourself ‘where can I go on holiday with my dog,’ you definitely need to consider sunny San Diego.

This Southern California hotspot is a haven for beach-goers and pet owners. Playing host to the most pet-friendly restaurants in the country, San Diego also has an incredible line-up of activities for dogs, with everything from stand-up paddleboarding, an off-leash portion of Ocean Beach, and even kayak tours that allow pets on board!

St. Petersburg, Florida

With dog-friendly beaches like Fort De Soto, green spaces like North Shore Park, and piles of bars, cafes, and hotels catering to pet parents, Florida’s laidback city of St. Petersburg will be your go-to when you’re looking for pet-friendly vacation spots in Florida.

To avoid the sweltering humidity and hurricanes, steer clear of the June to November season.

San Francisco, California

The City by the Bay is among the best dog-friendly vacation spots in the world, partly due to its mild temperatures. Parts of Golden Gate Park and Chrissy Field have off-lead areas for well-behaved pups, as does the northern part of the scenic Baker Beach.

Dogs are even welcome on public transport, provided they’re on a leash on the Municipal Railway and in a carrier on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit).

Nice, France

Paris isn’t the only city in France that has a soft spot for pets. The picturesque beach destination of Nice has some dog-friendly beaches where your canine can frolic in the sand.

Bring your best friend to Site de la Lanterne or Lenval Beaches to cool off when the weather gets warm.

Barcelona, Spain

For the perfect city-meets-beach getaway, head to Spain’s dog-obsessed city of Barcelona.

When your pup isn’t  running around beaches like Llevant or Cala Vallcarca, you guys can visit tourist attractions like Parc Guell or Montjuic.

Santorini, Greece

Not an island most of us typically think of when looking for dog or cat-friendly vacation spots, Santorini has an impressive selection of hotels where you can bring your pet along for a reasonable fee.

If you’re traveling with a dog, you won’t be able to let your pooch off the leash, but they’ll be welcome on most of the island’s beaches.

Byron Bay, Australia

This oh-so-casual coastal town in New South Wales is where you’ll come across the gorgeous Tallow Beach, which happens to allow dogs to join in on the fun.

This is a pretty quiet beach where your dog can roam freely, provided they behave themselves! A plethora of pet-friendly accommodation options are nearby.

Phuket, Thailand

The largest island in the Land of Smiles is one of the most stunning beach destinations for animal lovers.

Hotels accepting pets are positioned throughout the coast, some of which are close to beaches like Karon and Pa Tong, where your pet can roll around in the sand.

Okinawa Island, Japan

The idyllic Japanese island of Okinawa has got to be among the most breathtaking places for a pet-inclusive getaway.

As well as hosting a wonderful variety of hotels and guesthouses where dogs and cats are welcome, your pet will also be able to play in the sand at Torii Beach.

Just be sure your dog is well trained and you clean up after them if necessary!

Some Other Dog-Friendly Beaches To Consider

  • Rosie’s Dog Beach, Long Beach, California
  • Jupiter Dog Beach, Jupiter, Florida
  • Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Illinois
  • Hayle Beach, Cornwall, England
  • Durdle Door, Dorset, England
  • Le Touquet Beach, Le Touquet, France

Cat keeps company to woman while she's enjoying the view during hiking

Where Are The Least Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations?

Unfortunately, some of the vacation spots we all dream about may not be the best places to travel with pets. This can be due to a variety of reasons, from a lack of pet-friendly lodgings to limited dog parks and restaurants that don’t permit animals.

Here are some locations where you might be best leaving your little companion with a sitter if you’re planning to visit.

Hawaii – Unless you plan on spending a considerable amount of time here, it’s best to avoid traveling with your dog to Hawaii due to the quarantine risk.

Bali – Indonesia’s tourism hub takes things a step further, as no cats or dogs can currently enter the island.

Fiji – With a 30-day quarantine period and costly import permit fees, taking your pet to Fiji is not always feasible.

Iceland – Similar to Fiji, Iceland’s quarantine program and associated costs make traveling here with pets extremely taxing.

Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia, along with other Middle Eastern countries, views pets as unclean, and bans on dog ownership are active in some cities.

What Are The Best Countries And Cities Overall For Travel With Animals?

Below, you’ll find a round-up of the best pet-friendly spots for your next trip. These picks are based on both the ease of entry process for your pet after your flight and the amenities available to animals in these countries and cities.

As a result, some countries with many dog-friendly facilities may not be included if it’s a little more complicated to enter with a pet than the following destinations.

U.S.A. – San Francisco, California

Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia

France – Paris

Germany – Berlin

Italy – Rome

Spain – Madrid

United Kingdom – Cornwall

Switzerland – Zurich

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Only service or assistance dogs are allowed into Disney Parks, meaning you'll need to leave your pet at home if you plan to visit.
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The United States has the highest rate of cat and dog ownership in the world, but Austria and Switzerland have some of the best animal welfare and safety laws.
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Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and New York are home to some of the best vacation spots on the East Coast for traveling with animals.
What Are The Best Airlines For Traveling To Pet-Friendly Destinations?
Some of the best airlines for traveling with a dog or cat include Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, K.L.M., and Air France. *Disclaimer: Airline policies and country-specific rules for animals vary significantly between carriers and are frequently updated, with many situations dealt with on a case-by-case basis, which may change if flying with other animals. Always check the requirements directly with the airline and research your destination and stopover countries thoroughly.