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Service packages

Summary: Choose your level of Service when you book.

You can add a service package when you make a booking. There are 3 different levels to choose from. You’ll find the details here:
Higher levels of service will provide you with faster customer support and reduced or no processing fees for additional services. You'll only pay the price of the particular service, e.g., seat reservation or baggage.
You can make changes up to 48 hours before your trip.
How are ticket fare types related to service packages?
Each fare type automatically includes a particular level of Services. But it's also possible to upgrade during booking, right after you choose your fare type.

Saver Ticket
  • You only have Basic Services, but can still add Plus or Premium Services. 
Standard Ticket
  • You have Plus Services included, but can also upgrade to Premium Services.
Flexi Ticket 
  • You’ll automatically receive the highest Premium Services

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