Ticket fare types

We introduced fare types to unify change and cancellation rules for all carriers, regardless of their policies. Our goal is to make traveling accessible for all and simple. So when you book with us, you pick your own rules.

You can pick from 3 different fare types when you book your trip. You’ll find the details here:
You can only choose your fare type when you book. It cant be changed after.
If you’re likely to change your trip, book a Standard or Flexi Ticket. That way, you’ll only pay the price difference for the new ticket. We’ll cover the rest.
After you change your trip, Saver Ticket rules will apply for all other changes or cancellations.
In case you might need to cancel for personal reasons, book a Flexi Ticket. We’ll give you 90% of the price back when you cancel up to 48 hours before your trip. Even if the carrier doesn’t offer any refunds.
You can make changes or cancel up to 48 hours before your trip.

If you booked less than a week before your trip, you can make changes or cancel up to 4 hours before the journey.
If you don’t want to change or cancel, choose the cheapest Saver Ticket
Its important to know that even if you book with our rules, you still have your rights with the carrier. So if you book a Saver Ticket and the carrier provides a refund, you can still claim it from them. If they send it to our account, let us know and we’ll forward it to you.

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