Ticket flexibility

You can choose one of these levels of flexibility when you make a booking:
Each level has different rules when it comes to changes or cancellation. You won't be able to change your flexibility after you book.
Rebooking, changes, or refunds are always possible up to 48 hours before your trip.
If you're likely to change your trip, book with standard or premium flexibility. That way, you’ll only pay the price difference for the new ticket.
You can change your trip with these conditions only once. After that, you’ll have no flexibility for all other changes or cancellations, but you can still make changes up to 48 hours before your trip.
In case you might need to cancel your trip, book with premium flexibility. We’ll give you 90% of the price back when you cancel up to 48 hours before your trip.

If you don't want to change or cancel, choose the cheapest ticket with no flexibility

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