As the passenger, it's your responsibility to ensure you have the correct visas and travel documents for your trip. You should carefully check which countries you are transiting through before making your booking. A visa is generally required even for transit purposes, rechecking your baggage, or if your flights have different PNR numbers.

How to check your visa requirements
Contact the embassy or your foreign ministry for more detailed visa information.

Wikipedia can also be a source of quick information for visa requirements. For example, here you can see the visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Since each nationality has its own unique set of visa requirements, we cannot be responsible for any visa issues. We can only provide you with a warning that a visa might be required for your travel.

Airport transit visas

This is the visa you need to transfer through a country. Even if you’re not planning to leave the airport, you might still need a visa. Some reasons include:
  1. Rechecking your baggage
  2. Moving between terminals
  3. Multiple PNRs in your booking
If you need a visa to enter a country, then you should assume (until proven otherwise) that you will need a visa to transit through that country.

How to check if you need a visa for self-transfers
  • Find the contact details of the embassy for the country you will enter during self-transfer.
    • Google search. E.g. "Thai embassy in the United States" and find the contact details on their website.
  • Contact the embassy and ask for the visa requirements for entering the country and mention:
    • That you'll leave the visa-free transit zone during self-transfer to enter the country.
    • The time of the layover — it could influence the type of visa you need.
    • Tell the embassy that you'll leave the visa-free transit zone. Otherwise, you might get misleading info.

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