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Cabin classes

Summary: Choose your cabin class for better comfort.

You can choose the cabin class in our search, right above your departure place. Click “Economy” to unfold these options:
  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Business
  • First Class
Higher classes usually offer more comfort, bigger seats, and free extras like baggage, meals, and drinks. With Business and First Class, you often have access to airport lounges or priority boarding. The details, however, vary from carrier to carrier — it's best to check it with them.

Some baggage allowance should be included in all higher classes. In Economy, carriers usually charge an extra fee for baggage, but not always. You’ll see your baggage allowance on the booking page.
If you want to take a checked bag, you can specify it in our search. Choose your number of bags on the left side, and we’ll show you the options and prices with these bags.
Mixed classes
If you select mixed classes, we’ll show you the best combinations for comfortable, yet affordable travels. You’ll have your chosen class on longer flights which take more than 4 hours, and regular Economy on shorter flights.
Find out more in our YouTube video.
You’ll see the class for each part of your trip on the booking page, and later in your e-ticket or when you sign in to your booking.
The baggage conditions of each carrier might vary. If you are traveling with mixed classes or multiple carriers, you might not have the same allowance for the whole trip.
That's why we combine bags into
bundles. We only display what you can take for your whole trip.
Changes and cancellations
Any changes or cancellations depend on your fare type. They are not connected to your cabin class. You can choose your fare type when you book your trip.  

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