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Price change

Summary: Carriers change their prices based on demand.

Ticket prices depend on the carriers and our partners. When they change a price, we automatically adjust it on our web.
Prices change often based on demand. They are usually higher closer to departure, so it's generally better to book tickets in advance. But it's not a rule.
If you're not sure when to book, set up a
Price Alert to receive notifications when the price drops.
What if a price changes while I’m making my booking?
In some rare occasions, the price might change when you're booking a trip, or before your booking is confirmed. 
When we confirm your booking with the carriers, we'll send you a booking confirmation. It usually takes just a couple of minutes after you book. 
Once your booking is confirmed, the price cannot change. It's not possible to lock it before confirmation.
We'll notify you if there is any change. We never charge your card for something you haven’t approved.

If the price changes when you're booking your trip, a notification will pop up right away. You can agree with the change and continue booking or go back to search for a new trip.

If you already booked a trip and the price changes before your booking is confirmed with the carriers, we’ll notify you via email. You can decide whether to pay the price difference or cancel the booking. If you cancel, we’ll refund you the money.
When you return to our search results, and you still see the old price, please wait. It’s possible that we haven’t manage to update it yet. 

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