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Search features

Summary: Find out what you can search for.

Pick the type of itinerary.
Choose between regular one-way or return trips, or try one of our other options:

  • With MultiCity, you can pick multiple destinations in a row. 
  • With Nomad, you can go even further. Choose your preferred destinations with an approximate time of stay in each of them — we’ll shuffle them and find you the best route.
Find out how to save money with Nomad. Check our YouTube video.

Search for points of interest, not airports.
Search according to well-known landmarks, monuments, parks, and more. Just enter the keyword into the search bar, and we’ll find you the best connections there.

Try "Eiffel Tower" or "Machu Picchu". 

Start writing and we’ll give you suggestions.
We’ll give you hints and suggestions once you start filling in the search bar. Pick one and explore.

Check the prices.
You can compare the prices on different dates in the Pricing table. You’ll find it on the top of the results in the middle. 

Click “Pricing table”, and it will unfold.

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