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Blue Ribbon Bags

Summary: A third-party service for tracking and expediting lost baggage.

Blue Ribbon Bags provides a service for tracking and expediting the return of your lost or delayed baggage. 

You can add the service on the booking page, and we'll email you the confirmation.

What to do if your bag gets lost:
  • Report your lost baggage to the airline and collect a “file reference or locator number” along with a copy of your Property Irregularity Report as provided by the airline.
  • Report your lost baggage to Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hours of your flight landing, by phone (+1 (888) 224 4243) or at the following website
  • This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Satisfaction Guarantee Payment
  • If your baggage is not returned to you within 96 hours,  Blue Ribbon Bags will send you 1,000 EUR per bag, guaranteed.
  • No proof of baggage contents is required to receive the Satisfaction Guarantee Payment.
  • Payments are guaranteed even if your bags are returned after the 96-hour service period.
  • A claim must be filed with your airline prior to reporting your mishandled bag to Blue Ribbon Bags.
Other advantages
  • This service is in addition to any insurance that you may have.
  • Blue Ribbon Bags service covers every flight, on every airline, everywhere in the world.
  • You will receive automatic email updates every time there is any change to the status of your mishandled bag.

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