This job is not for everyone. But everyone will want it!

Apply for the position of World Travel Hacker and get €10,000 to travel the globe!

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What is it all about?

What is it all about? is partnering with Visa to bring you World Travel Hackers, the four-week summer job you always dreamed of. 

A World Travel Hacker is the 4 week summer job you always dreamed of.  To land it, you first need to find a like-minded travel buddy. Someone you can always rely on — the Samwise to your Frodo, the Louisa to your Thelma, or the C3PO to your R2D2. And most importantly, someone who will help you prove to us that you are indeed the savvy, travel-hacking dream team we’re looking for.

What do we mean by “savvy, travel-hacking dream team”?

  • You know how to find clever ways to travel for less
  • You love sharing your tips on how to travel differently
  • You’re good at planning your itineraries with
  • You’re able to sacrifice some comforts for the sake of saving cash
  • You enjoy creating entertaining content for social media, about both your adventures and your smart little hacks
Apply now!
Apply now!

The application window is closed. If you applied to become a World Travel Hacker, check our FAQs to see what happens after you submit an application. Good luck!

Good luck,
travel hackers!

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