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Travel planning and booking made simple

  • View your itinerary, change details, and add extras to your booking.
  • Get ready for your trip with offline access to boarding passes.
  • Set price alerts so that you never miss out on deals to your favorite destinations.
  • Check your baggage size using our built-in AR technology.

Discover’s travel hacks

  • Self-transfer: Connects carriers that don’t usually work together to create unique itineraries that other search engines can’t find.
  • Hidden cities: Instead of paying for a more expensive direct fare, get a ticket whose layover is in your intended destination. Simply get off at your destination and skip the last part of the journey.
  • Throwaway ticketing: If a roundtrip ticket to your destination is cheaper than a one-way ticket, buy the roundtrip and choose whether or not to take both flights.
  • Nomad: Tell Nomad which cities you’d like to visit (and for how long) to create multi-city itineraries at the lowest possible price.
  • Price alerts: We can notify you when prices change so you can book at a price that suits you. Search for a route, tap the Set up price alerts bell, and we’ll let you know when the price changes.
  • Flexible ticketing options: Choose your price based on whether you need booking flexibility or simply want to grab a bargain.
  • Guarantee: Our Guarantee covers carrier cancellations, delays, and schedule changes across planes, buses, and trains.
  • Multimodal: Combine air and ground transport options into one itinerary — handy if you’re traveling to a place with no airport.
  • Price FX: No more unfair currency fees. When you pay in your chosen currency, we only charge the middle market rate.

Find out more about the mobile application

Is the app safe to use for travel?
Yes! The app is reliable and safe to use, and has more than two million users. Our development team works non-stop to continuously improve the quality of the app.
Why is the best travel app?
The world-famous travel guide, Frommer’s, ranked as #2 in their list Top 10 Airfare Ticket Search Sites for 2022, ahead of other, better-known, travel search sites. You can read more about it here.
How do I download the app for Android and iPhone?
If you have an Android, go to the app on the Google Play Store. Click Install and the app will be ready for use in just a few seconds. If you have an iPhone, go to in the App Store. Click Get and the app will be installed on your phone.
How do I search for cheap flights on the app?
When searching for desirable destinations, the app will offer you the cheapest options first. You can use the filter to adjust the search to your needs and choose the right trip for you.
How does the app alert me when a flight gets cheaper?
Search for the destination that you want to visit. When the results are shown, you’ll see a button with a bell on it in the upper corner of the app. Click the bell, and you’ll be able to set up a price alert. Whenever the price of a flight to your desired destination changes, we’ll send you a notification.
How do I use the app?
The app is very easy to use. Just follow the steps in the app and if you need more information on how to change settings, visit the article How to use the mobile app.
Which travel hacks are available on the app?
You’ll find all the best hacks that will help you find the cheapest tickets. Our Kiwi-Code scours the web for great deals on travel. On the mobile app, you can find travel hacks like throwaway ticketing, itineraries with self-transfer, and hidden cities. The app can even send you price alerts for your favorite destinations. If you want to read more, check out this article about travel hacks.
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