Can I cancel if my booking isn’t confirmed?

If you haven’t received confirmation of your booking yet and would like to cancel it, you may still be able to. When you sign in to your account and open your trip, you should see a Booking cancellation button in the upper-right corner. From there you’ll be able to request a cancellation and a refund.  
Our agents will review your request and check the status of your booking. If the carriers haven’t confirmed any of your flights, we’ll cancel the booking and send you a full refund. However, if we’ve received confirmation for at least a part of your trip, a full refund will no longer be possible.
If we’ve already confirmed your booking, you’ll see a Refunds & cancellations button instead and will have to change or cancel your trip according to our regular policy. Keep in mind that your refund options will depend on the ticket type you selected during the initial booking. 

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