My trip (or a part of it) has been canceled

If your trip or a part of it gets canceled by the carriers, we’ll notify you as soon as they inform us. If you still want to travel, you can choose an alternative itinerary from the options in your account. If not, you can opt for a refund.
If you haven’t been notified of a cancellation and are already traveling or at the airport, please contact us

If you’d still like to travel

If you’d still like to travel, we’ll offer you an alternative itinerary. If you have the Guarantee we’ll cover the majority of the costs. 
In cases where you don’t have the Guarantee or the alternative is not free, you’ll be able to see the full price difference before confirming an option. 
However, please note that the Guarantee doesn't apply in force majeure or other extraordinary situations. We'll do our best to help, but we can't guarantee any free options or refunds – the refunds might depend on the carriers.
In some cases, the carrier might offer you an alternative directly. If it fits your itinerary, we can either confirm this alternative with them or advise you to accept it.
Always check with us before you accept any alternatives from the carrier, as you might not be covered by the Guarantee.

If you’d rather get refunded

If you can’t travel or don’t like any of the offered alternatives, you should apply for a refund. Please note that you can only apply for a refund for the whole itinerary.

You’ll get a full refund of the unused parts of your trip if you have the Guarantee. If not, you can apply for a carrier refund for the canceled flights through us or directly with the carrier.

You can sign in to your account, open your trip, and click "Refunds and cancellations" at the top of the page.
When the carriers cancel the trip, they should usually provide a full refund for the canceled portion. However, their policies might be slightly different in force majeure or other extraordinary situations.

Check the carriers' policy in your itinerary to know what to expect.

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