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Airport advice

Summary: What you should do when faced with various issues at the airport.

When your connection is affected, check your e-ticket first to see whether it’s protected by the carrier or by the Guarantee.

This guide will save you time by knowing who to call when. 

  • Your reservation cannot be found by the carrier.
  • Your baggage is not included in your booking when it should be.
  • Your Guaranteed connection is affected by a delay or cancellation.
  • You have visa issues. This is not our responsibility but we can assist you to buy a new connection if you need one.
Call the carrier when:
  • They lose or damage your baggage.
  • Your carrier guaranteed connection is affected by a delay or cancellation.
  • Your trip is affected by Force Majeure:
    • Bad weather
    • Strikes
    • Earthquakes
    • Political unrest
    • Terrorism, etc

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