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Itineraries without checked baggage

Summary: It might not be possible to add checked baggage due to various reasons.

On some itineraries, it is only possible to take a personal item or cabin baggage. 
You can see the baggage allowance on the booking page. If you already have a booking, you’ll  find it on your e-ticket and when you sign in to your booking.
A special deal with a short layover
We do not offer checked baggage on itineraries that have a self-transfer with a short layover (usually less than 2 hours).

It's because these itineraries are not connected by the carriers, and you might not have enough time to transfer with baggage. You would need to recheck your baggage and go through the security control in transit.

We highly recommend that you do not add baggage on your own. If you need to travel with checked baggage, please pick a different itinerary.
You will lose the Guarantee if you add baggage to such an itinerary.
If you plan to travel with a wheelchair or a stroller, please also choose an itinerary with a longer layover time. Carriers usually put these items into the cargo hold, and you might need more time to wait for them.

Regular itinerary with no checked baggage
In some rare cases, the carriers do not allow any checked baggage, or we are technically not able to offer it to you.

If you have sufficient layover time and need to travel with checked baggage, please check the conditions of the particular carriers before booking. It might be possible to add baggage at the airport.

Alternatively, please, pick a different itinerary.

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