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Travel insurance

Summary: Travel with peace of mind with insurance from AXA or Travelex

You can add travel insurance when booking a trip, or later in your account (non-US customers only). 

We offer a different type of insurance for US and non-US passengers:
  • Insurance provided by Travelex Insurance Services for US nationals.
  • Insurance provided by AXA Assistance for non-US nationals.

What are the details? 
You'll find the exact coverage in the "Travel insurance" section on the booking page, or later when you sign in to your booking.
Coronavirus was declared a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. 
If you add AXA Assistance after this date, it won't cover any issues related to coronavirus.
Once you add insurance, you'll receive a confirmation email. 
Voluntary trip cancellation is not included. Travel insurance onlycovers cancellation due to illness, accidents, or death.
How to claim compensation or assistance?
Reach out directly to the insurance provider. 

You'll see their contact information in these places:
  • Insurance confirmation email
  • E-ticket
  • Your account
How to cancel or edit your insurance?
Sign in to your booking, scroll down to “Additional services”, and click “Buy insurance”.

You can cancel your insurance up to a specific date. Afterwards, travel insurance is non-refundable.
  • With Travelex (US nationals), you can cancel up to 15 days after the purchase, but no later than the beginning of your journey. Insurance cancellation must be done for all passengers at once.
  • With AXA (non-US nationals), you can cancel anytime for any traveler up to 48h before your journey.
With AXA, you can also switch your level of protection from Travel Basic to Travel Plus, or vice versa.

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