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Summary: Check-in confirms that the passenger will board the flight.

Each traveler needs to check in to obtain a boarding pass. Check-in can be done either at the airport or online (if the airline offers it). 

Airport check-in
To check in at the airport, go to the airline check-in desk. You'll need to present your passport/ID and a printed e-ticket. You should also hand over your checked baggage. 

If you haven't purchased a seat earlier, the airline staff will assign it to you during check-in. 

Airport check-in might be necessary when:
  • You're traveling with an infant
  • You're traveling with pets
  • You require special assistance
Some low-cost airlines endorse online check-in and charge a fee for airport check-in. You can find more information on their website.

Online check-in
Some airlines offer the possibility to check in online. Online check-in usually opens one or two days before departure, but it varies for each airline. does online check-in for you with some airlines. We only need your passport or ID details to do it.
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If we don’t provide check-in, you might be able to check in yourself on the airline’s website. You will need a reservation number (PNR) to proceed. You can find the reservation number on your e-ticket.

When you check in online, you can print your boarding pass beforehand. If you don't have any baggage to check, you can save time at the airport and go directly to the security control.
If you have baggage to check, you will need to go to the airline check-in desk or to the baggage drop and check your bags in. You can continue to security control afterwards.
Seats are usually assigned automatically during online check-in unless you purchase them in advance.

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