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COVID-19 progress report—March 24

Summary: A progress report on our actions to get you all home safely.

We continue working on getting our customers safely to their destination. Currently, 85,271 passengers are in transit with the team monitoring their progress.

To date, we processed 22% of refund requests from airlines. The carrier self-service feature (point 3 in the plan below) was developed to help our customers process their refund requests directly with the airlines. This feature is already live for our top 50 carriers and we are gradually increasing the numbers so that we can offer it for as many carriers in the shortest possible time. 

  • Assist customers in transit - Live
  • Credits and airline refunds - Live
  • Carrier self-service - Live
  • Backlog of customer requests 
1. Assist customers in transit - Live
Due to increased waiting times and additional traffic, we have adjusted our customer support phone lines to prioritize customers that are in transit. When you call our support team, please make sure you have your booking ID ready.
In case of any changes to your flight, please refer to Manage My Booking for available customized options for your journey. These will be updated in real-time. 

2. Credit and airline refunds - Live
All customers with canceled flights will now receive two options in Manage My Booking. The first option is Instant Credit for future use on The amount will depend on the route selected and the amount paid for the ticket. Alternatively, you may choose the option of an assisted refund, where for a fee, we will contact the airline on your behalf and recover any available refunds. Once an airline refunds the ticket, we will pass the full refundable amount directly to you. 

3. Carrier self-service - Live 
We expect some of our global customer support centers to be impacted by restrictions on office attendance. That is why we developed carrier self-service. This feature will provide our customers with the information they need to make changes directly on airline or carrier websites without incurring any additional charges from This will not apply to all airlines and bookings, but it will be implemented wherever possible. Please note, that when choosing carrier self-service, any email communications and or funds arriving at from the airlines on your behalf will be automatically forwarded to your inbox or bank account.

4. Backlog of customer requests - In planning
We are aware of the backlog due to some product features only becoming available after the intended flight dates. If you don’t see the above options in Manage My Booking just yet, don’t be alarmed; that’s because the features are gradually being rolled out. You should begin to see these features soon. Once we complete the task of getting people to their destinations safely, we will shift our resources to managing pending customer requests.

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