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Summary: Everything you need to know about your trip.

What is an e-ticket?
  • An e-ticket is your trip confirmation from which you should print out and bring with you on your trip. 
  • After your reservation is complete, we will send you an email confirmation with an attached e-ticket. 
  • Please read your e-ticket carefully because it contains important information about your trip and the check-in process. 
  • If your flight is not eligible for online check-in, you will need to show the airline your e-ticket so that they can print out your boarding pass.

What if my e-ticket is delayed?
  • There may be a delay due to minor technical issues. 
  • If you think your e-ticket might be delayed, hang tight. We've begun processing your booking. 
  • We will send you a confirmation as soon as the booking has been completed. 
  • Check your email to ensure that you’ve received the invoice. If not, there could be a typo in the email address you provided. 
  • If, after an extended wait, you still haven't received an email from us, please contact us to ensure that we have the correct email address.

What is the difference between an e-ticket and a boarding pass?
  • An e-ticket is a confirmation of your flight(s) while a boarding pass shows that you have been checked in for a flight and is required for boarding the aircraft. 
  • Your e-ticket clearly describes the check-in process for each of your flights. 
  • If your flight is available for online check-in, we will check you in, send your boarding pass by email and make it accessible through your account for printing.
  • If your flight is not available for online check-in, you will need to print your e-ticket and bring it with you to the airport and check in with the airline.

Where can I download my e-ticket?
Once issued, your e-ticket can be downloaded at any time from:

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