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Provide your full name when you make a booking

Summary: Your passport/ID will indicate your full name.

When booking a flight, you should always use your name exactly as it's written in your passport or travel ID.

Given names: your first and middle name(s)
Surname(s): your family or last name(s)

  • If you are recently married but your passport still has your maiden name, you should use your maiden name in the booking.
  • If your passport says "John James Smith" but you don't commonly use your middle name, you should still add it to your booking.
  • Your middle name should be added together with your first name in the same input box. In this example, the given name(s) would be John James.
  • Similarly, all surnames should be added together in the correct order in the surname(s) box. 
If you only have one name, then use that name in both fields.
  • E.g. if your only name is Prabhakar, then you should use "Given names: Prabhakar, Surname(s): Prabhakar. In this way, your e-ticket will show your name as Prabhakar Prabhakar.
  • Please don't use N/A, NIL, or None in the any of the name fields. This would have to be changed afterwards for a fee.
Some airlines will not allow you on board if the name on your booking doesn't match your passport.
Airlines usually charge a fee to correct a name after the booking is made.

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