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Invoices: downloading and editing

Summary: You can edit your invoice on the booking page and download it after.

Downloading your invoice
  • You can download your invoice at any time with the mobile app or in your account on Just sign in to your booking and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 
  • You can also find it in the very first email that we send you after payment.

Changing your billing details
Before booking, you can specify the billing details that you want to have displayed on your invoice. This is really helpful if you need to make an expense claim from your employer, for example. On the final page of the booking process "Overview & payment", click the checkmark to “Edit invoice details” below the itinerary. You can then choose to add either personal or company details. 

As soon as you complete the payment, we'll email you the invoice with these billing details included.
Company ID: your company's registration number
Tax ID:
your company's VAT number

Billing details on issued invoices are reported to local tax authorities. Therefore, we reserve the right not to change the billing details on an invoice ex-post after the booking is made. Please, edit the billing details in this section before you make the purchase.
How to change your billing details

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