Price Alerts

You can set up Price Alerts, and we'll keep an eye on the trip prices for you. 

How does it work
You'll receive an email notification when the price drops below the specified limit from 5% to 50%.

We'll also attach a link to our website — no need to search for the same trip again.

How to set up a Price Alert
You'll see an option to add Price Alerts once you search for a trip at
  • Click "Create Price Alert" on top of the search results.
  • Specify the price-drop limit.
  • Add your email address.
How to edit or remove a Price Alert
You can manage the Price Alerts in your account, or the mobile app.
Once you book the trip, the Price Alert automatically expires.
Your account: 
  • Sign in, and click "View trips" > "Price Alerts". mobile app:
  • Sign in, and go to "Profile" > "Price Alerts"
You can also enable push notifications to be sent immediately.

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