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Trains and buses

Summary: Train and bus journeys provide huge cost savings for our travellers.

Airport proximity
You will have enough time for the transfer. If your train/bus transfer is to or from an airport, the station will be at the airport.

IATA codes: we use IATA codes for train and bus stations as well. Check the code of your airport and train/bus station when you have a transfer. They should be the same. 

Platforms and seating
This information is not usually available at the time of the booking. The platform and train/bus numbers will be displayed on your ticket and at the station. Your seat number will be displayed on your train/bus ticket if there is assigned seating.

Check your e-ticket for information about the tickets you need for the journey. Sometimes, you will only need to use your reservation number for the train or bus. You should print your tickets to ensure that there is no problem boarding the train or bus. 

What happens after payment
You should receive your e-ticket and your train/bus ticket right away. If you have flights as well, you’ll receive your boarding passes when online check-in becomes available.

Second-class tickets
We sell second-class tickets because it’s the most popular form of travel. 

Additional services 
Currently, we do not offer additional services like meals, seat selection and special assistance on train journeys.

Train and bus ticket prices are included in the price of the trip
When you see that a train or bus journey is part of your itinerary, it means that the ticket price is included. 

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