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Summary: A search engine and an online travel agency.

We combine flights, trains, and buses into unique itineraries to offer you more options and better deals.
Every layover which isn't connected by the carriers is protected by our Guarantee.

Our Customer Support agents are here for you 24/7 when you're traveling. At other times you can reach them at particular hours, depending on your level of Service.

We offer the usual extras like seats or baggage, but you can also request, e.g., special assistance, sports equipment, or a pet. 
With most bigger airlines, we’ll also help you to save time at the airport by checking you in online.

You’ll find more services, such as a bag measuring tool, hotels, taxis, rental cars, or VIP lounges in our mobile app.

If you want to learn more about us, check our About page or read our Stories. In Stories, you’ll find travel inspiration, competitions, and articles about our staff.

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