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Seat selection

Summary: You can select your seats during the booking process or afterward via Manage My Booking.

Carriers charge a little extra for you to select your preferred seat. But you’ll receive a free seat if you don’t mind being seated randomly during automatic check-in. 

We offer seat selection with certain carriers and the options are available before and after booking. If we don't offer seating with a certain airline, you will be provided with a seat automatically during check-in. If you have a special request, you can either contact us or ask at the airline check-in counter at the airport.

Traveling with family or in a group?
We strongly recommend that you choose to sit together to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re traveling with children.

Selecting seats during the booking process
Before finalizing your booking, you have the option to select your preferred seating for a price. 

Single travelers can choose an aisle, window, or extra legroom seat:

Group travelers can choose to sit together:

After booking, your choice of seating will be visible on your e-ticket and in Manage My Booking. 

Selecting seats with Manage My Booking
If you prefer more advanced seating options, you can choose to select your seat after booking. Then you can be more specific about your request and even pick a spot from the seat map when it’s available. 

Enter Manage My Booking, click Seat selection, and use the seat map to make your selection for each flight.

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