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How the Coronavirus has changed carrier check-in requirements
Globa travel restrictions mean that carriers require more advanced passenger information for check-in. Depending on your route and nationality, you might need to provide detailed information about your health, your contact details, and your recent travel history.

How do I know if you'll check me in?
You can find detailed information for each of your flights in My trips and on your e-ticket.  

What do I have to do?
Sign in to your trip to submit your check-in details up to 24 hours before the flight. If you miss the deadline, you might need to pay a fee to check in at the airport because some low-cost airlines charge for this.
Tip: Always use the details of the document you'll be traveling with. On some routes you'll need a passport, on others, a drivers license might be enough. 
What happens after?
When we have all the necessary details, we wait for the airlines to open their online check-in. It usually opens one or two days before departure, but it varies for each airline. 
If you're not sure when you'll receive your boarding pass, sign in to your trip to check the dates.
We'll then check you in and send you your boarding passes via email. You can also download them from My trips and the app.

If the mobile boarding passes are available, you'll find them in the app. Otherwise, always print your boarding pass.

What if you don't check me in?
You will need to check in directly with the airline. 

If the airline offers online check-in, you might be able to do it yourself on their webpage. You will need a reservation number (PNR) to proceed. You can find the reservation number on your e-ticket.

If you check in at the airport, go to the check-in desk of your airline. You'll need to present your passport/ID and a printed e-ticket
It's recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure of your flight.
When we don't provide online check-in, the airport check-in should be for free. 

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