Why can’t I add baggage to my itinerary?

No-checked-bag itineraries

When you’re searching for flights, we might offer you special itineraries labeled as No-checked-bag itineraries. As their name implies, these itineraries don’t include checked baggage by default. We strongly recommend you don’t add it on your own. Otherwise, you might have issues during your trip. 
Please note that your Kiwi.com Guarantee won’t apply if you add checked baggage to this type of itinerary.

1. Itineraries with self-transfer and short layovers

We don’t offer checked baggage on itineraries that have a self-transfer with a short layover (usually less than 2 hours). These itineraries are not connected by the carriers, and it’s likely that you won’t have enough time to transfer with baggage. This is because you’d need to collect your baggage, check it in again, and go through security control in transit.

2. “Hidden city” itineraries 

If you booked a hidden city itinerary, you can only bring a personal item with you. Larger pieces of baggage, including cabin baggage, musical, sports, or baby equipment, might get checked in at the gate, and would end up in the official final destination instead of the layover stop (“hidden city”) where you would get off.

Less than 36 hours before the trip

You can only request to add baggage to your itinerary up to 36 hours before your trip. After that, you can add it at the airport. Please check the conditions of your carrier(s) for details.

Technical and COVID-19 limitations

In some rare cases, the carriers don’t allow any checked baggage, or we can’t offer it to you for technical reasons.
We temporarily don't offer regular cabin baggage on some of the itineraries either. Cabin baggage that doesn't fit under the seat needs to be checked in with some carriers due to COVID-19 safety measures.

What to do if you need checked baggage

If you need to travel with checked baggage, we recommend you choose a different itinerary. Again, you shouldn’t add baggage to No-checked-bag itineraries on your own. Remember that your Kiwi.com Guarantee won’t apply if you do.

If you have sufficient layover time and no “hidden city” stop, please check the checked baggage conditions of the particular carriers before booking. It might be possible to add baggage at the airport.

Also, if you plan to travel with a wheelchair or a stroller, please choose an itinerary with a longer layover time. Carriers usually put these items into the cargo hold and you might need more time to wait for them.

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