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Largest airlines in the world

  • American Airlines — more than 6700 flights daily, 881 aircrafts, 157 destinations
  • Delta Airlines — around 5400 flights daily to all continents, 834 aircrafts, 355 destinations
  • Turkish Airlines — 312 aircrafts and 306 destinations
  • China Southern Airlines — 121 destinations, 626 aircrafts, in the top 10 in number of passengers per year

Largest airlines in Europe:

  • Ryanair — serving only 34 countries, Ryanair carries more international passengers than any other airline
  • Lufthansa — 201 destinations, in the top 10 in number of passengers per year
  • International Airlines Group (with British Airways and Iberia as subsidiaries) serves about 200 destinations worldwide
  • EasyJet — in the top 10 in number of aircrafts and passengers per year

Largest airlines in US:

  • American Airlines and Delta Airlines mentioned above as the biggest airlines not only in the US but in the world
  • Southwest Airlines — more than 700 aircrafts and more than 100 different destinations
  • TAM Airlines — the largest airline in South America

Featured airlines

Traditional airlines
Low-cost airlines
Division into economy and business class A shared cabin for all passengers
High baggage allowance Baggage is usually strictly limited or paid additionally
Options of ticket exchange or money refund in case of cancelling the flight No ability to change or cancel a flight for free, money is not refunded
Both direct and transfer flights Direct flights only
Drinks and food are free on board Drinks and food are paid additionally
Ability to choose seats Random seats (particular seats can be booked for an extra charge)
Both online services and offline ticket offices Online purchase of tickets only

Traditional airlines

Low-cost airlines

Airline alliances

  • A wide variety of destinations
  • Common bonus programs that allow you to collect reward points through air travel with any of the participating airlines
  • A simplified procedure for connecting flights

Explore airlines

  • A big, comfortable distance between seats (AirArabia, Air France, AirBaltic, El Al, Etihad Airways)
  • Good food service (Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines)
  • Entertainment to pass the time (Etihad Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines); passengers of these airlines can watch movies on the screen built into the back of the seat in front of them, listen to music, or play interactive games
  • Free baggage allowance (Etihad Airways and Atlasglobal are the leaders)

Middle East and Africa




North America

South America

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