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Shenzhen Airlines destinations map 2022

CountryCityAirportIATA code
JapanTokyoNarita InternationalNRT
ChinaShanghaiShanghai Hongqiao InternationalSHA
ChinaGuangzhouGuangzhou Baiyun InternationalCAN
ChinaBeijingBeijing Capital InternationalPEK
ChinaShenzhenShenzhen Bao an InternationalSZX
ChinaXiamenXiamen Gaoqi InternationalXMN
ChinaHangzhouHangzhou Xiaoshan InternationalHGH
ChinaZhuhaiZhuhai JinwanZUH
ChinaQingdaoQingdao Liuting InternationalTAO
ChinaNanjingNanjing Lukou InternationalNKG
ChinaDalianDalian Zhoushuizi InternationalDLC
ChinaZhengzhouZhengzhou Xinzheng InternationalCGO
ChinaFuzhouFuzhou Changle InternationalFOC
ChinaChangshaChangsha Huanghua InternationalCSX
ChinaHarbinHarbin Taiping InternationalHRB
ChinaLanzhouLanzhou Zhongchuan InternationalLHW
ChinaHefeiHefei Xinqiao InternationalHFE
ChinaNingboNingbo Lishe InternationalNGB
ChinaXiningXining Caojiabao InternationalXNN
ChinaWuxiSunan Shuofang InternationalWUX
ChinaQuanzhouQuanzhou Jinjiang InternationalJJN
ChinaYangzhouYangzhou Taizhou InternationalYTY
ChinaChangzhouChangzhou BenniuCZX
ChinaNantongNantong XingdongNTG
ChinaLinyiLinyi ShubulingLYI
ChinaDatongDatong YungangDAT
ChinaYunchengYuncheng GuangongYCU
ChinaYichun, JiangxiYichun MingyueshanYIC
SingaporeSingaporeSingapore ChangiSIN
CambodiaPhnom PenhPhnom Penh InternationalPNH
ChinaÜrümqiÜrümqi Diwopu InternationalURC
ChinaSanyaSanya Phoenix InternationalSYX
ChinaWenzhouWenzhou Longwan InternationalWNZ
ChinaNanningNanning Wuxu InternationalNNG
ChinaNanchangNanchang Changbei InternationalKHN
ChinaYichangYichang SanxiaYIH
ChinaWuhanWuhan Tianhe InternationalWUH
ChinaXi'anXi an Xianyang InternationalXIY

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