Carrier voucher refunds

All my flights were canceled. Why have I only received a refund for one so far?
Refund processing times vary by carrier. We are processing refund requests in multiple phases and we’ll contact you as soon as we have any updates regarding the refunds for the rest of your trip.

I received an email that you will forward me a voucher from the carrier, but I did not receive the forwarded email.
Please check your spam folder and search your inbox with the name of the carrier. If the voucher is not there, you should contact us.

How do I use my voucher?
You can use your voucher to book directly with the carrier. Every carrier is different, but the information about the voucher should be in the email that we forwarded to you. Please also search the carrier’s website for this information.

Can I convert a voucher to cash?
This depends on the carrier. Please read their terms and conditions for more information. But in general, most carriers don’t allow you to convert your voucher to cash.

Why didn’t I receive a full refund if my flight was canceled? 
There can be a difference between what you paid and what you were refunded for a number of reasons. Carriers don’t always offer full refunds but we will send you everything that we receive from them.

I selected the priority refund because I wanted to ensure that I would receive cash. Why am I receiving a voucher?
We always do our best to get monetary refunds for our customers. However, it is not always possible with certain carriers. Many airlines have changed their refund policies because of the coronavirus and now they’re only offering vouchers.

Ryanair refunds

I heard that Ryanair is offering cash refunds. How can I get this?
Ryanair has recently changed their policy and you might be able to get a cash refund if you apply for it yourself. Read more in Ryanair’s refund process article.

How do I use my Ryanair voucher?
You’ll find all of the instructions about how to use the voucher in the email that we’ll forward you from Ryanair. You can also find more information on the Ryanair website.

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