What is Kiwi.com?

At Kiwi.com, we want to make travel accessible and open to all. We challenge the status quo. We combine carriers that don’t cooperate and provide unique travel itineraries that you won’t find anywhere else. We use other travel hacks to get you the cheapest ticket, even if it’s a part of a return or multi-stop ticket. With us, you’ll always see all the options.

What are the rules?

To make traveling with multiple carriers simple, we introduced virtual fare types with unified rules for changes and cancellations. Our fare types apply to all itineraries, regardless of the specific carrier’s conditions. If you book a Flexi Ticket with us and then decide to cancel, you’ll receive a refund from us even if the carrier doesn’t offer anything.
Even if you book with our rules, you still have your rights with the carrier. If you decide to claim a refund directly with the carrier and they send it to our account, let us know. We’ll forward it to you unless we already provided you an alternative or a refund within our guarantee.

Am I covered if my itinerary changes?

You can add our Kiwi.com Guarantee which will cover you in case of carrier changes, cancellations, or delays that affect your itinerary. We’ll either give you an alternative itinerary or a refund.
Our Guarantee is especially useful when the carriers in your itinerary dont cooperate and you have a self-transfer. If you book such an itinerary on your own, the carriers wont protect your connection, but we will. When your first flight with airline A gets delayed and causes you to miss your connection with airline B, well help.
On top of this, you can also get regular travel insurance provided by our partner, AXA, or choose a bundle with other protection services available for specific trips.

Do I get any extra services?

Naturally, we provide you the option to add the usual additional services such as extra bags, meals, seats, or special assistance whenever these are available. And for most airlines, we also automatically check you in and send you your boarding passes.

Can I handle my booking directly with the carriers?

In most cases, you’ll be able to access your reservation on the carrier’s website but there are a few exceptions. 
You usually only need your name and carrier reservation number (PNR) to get into your booking. However, some carriers require more credentials and as we book your trip using virtual contact details, you might not always be able to sign in to the carriers website. 
You also shouldn’t make any significant changes to your booking — a trip change or change of contact details — directly with the carriers, because we won’t be able to assist you in case of disruptions.

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