Credit Credit is our fastest refund method. You can use it to pay for your trips on our web and in our app.

What are the benefits of Credit?

  • We send it to you instantly, without bank fees, exchange rate fees, or other unpleasant surprises.
  • You can use it to pay for a new trip right away. And if you don’t use the whole amount, the remaining credit will stay in your account.
  • In certain cases, we’ll even give you a bonus on top of the carrier’s refund.

How do I use Credit?

To pay with your credit, sign in to your account, find your new trip, and pick Credit as the payment method on the last step of the booking process.

To see your balance and the expiration date of your credit, go to your account and open the tab “ Credit”.
If you dont have your account yet, youll have to create it using the same email address you used for your refunded booking. Well associate your credit with the same email.

If we top up your credit with another refund, well automatically prolong the expiration date of all your credit.

What else should I know?

  • Credit can't be exchanged for cash and it’s not possible to purchase it separately. You can only get it as a refund.
  • For now, you can only use the credit to book a new trip. It's not possible to use it for additional services you might request later on or for third-party extras such as accommodation.
  • If you don’t have enough credit to cover the whole booking, you might need to pay the rest with your payment card. You can’t combine Credit with PayPal, Sofort, Trustly, or China Union Pay.
You can check the full conditions of Credit here.

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