What is the Kiwi.com Guarantee?

The Kiwi.com Guarantee is a unique paid-for service we offer to protect you in case of changes or cancellations caused by the carrier. It's available on all the trips, whether you travel by flight, bus, or train. You can purchase it when you book your trip, but it's not possible to buy it later.

When exactly does it apply?

It covers you in all these situations:
  • If your trip or a part of it gets canceled.
  • If your trip or a part of it gets rescheduled by more than 24 hours. 
  • If your trip gets rescheduled or delayed and you'd miss your remaining connections.
  • If your baggage gets delayed or there are long queues at the airport and you miss your remaining connections.
It doesn't cover you in case of a force majeure situation that is beyond our or the carrier’s control, nor in cases where you can't travel or miss your trip because of your own fault. 
What if my trip gets canceled due to COVID-19?
We'll do our best to offer you an alternative or a refund if the situation allows it, but we can't guarantee it due to the nature of the pandemic. COVID-19 is a force majeure event, and we might not be able to cover you if there's a high number of cancellations at the same time.
It also doesn't cover you if you change your trip or contact details directly with the carriers without our knowledge and approval. For example, you’ll lose the Kiwi.com Guarantee if you add checked baggage to a no-checked-bag itinerary, including itineraries with a short layover where you wouldn't have enough time to transfer.

What assistance does it include? 

We'll either book you an alternative itinerary to your destination or offer you a refund. The exact rules will depend on how much time you have until departure when the disruption happens.

If it's more than 48 hours before your trip, you can choose one of these options:
  • An alternative itinerary up to the amount you paid for your trip – if it's more expensive, you'd need to pay the difference.
  • A full refund in Kiwi.com Credit – you can immediately use the credit for a new booking with us.
  • An assisted refund with the carriers – we'll cancel the whole trip and request a monetary refund from the carriers for you. The refund will depend on their policy. Some carriers might not provide any refund or only offer credit or vouchers.
If it's less than 48 hours before your trip, you can choose one of these options:
  • An alternative itinerary – we'll get you to your destination even if the alternative is more expensive than your trip.
  • A full Kiwi.com Credit refund for the unused parts of your itinerary – you can immediately use the credit for a new booking with us.
  • A full monetary refund for the unused parts of your itinerary – we'll send it back to you via the same payment method you used to book your trip. Depending on the banks, it might take some time to arrive.
If we refund you or book you an alternative as a part of our guarantee, we’ll keep any potential carrier refunds or compensation. But if we don’t provide you anything, you might have the right to receive compensation from the carriers based on your passenger rights, e.g., EU Regulation 261/2004. You’ll find the detailed conditions in this article.

How will it work? Will you let me know if there's a disruption?

When the carrier informs us about any disruption, we’ll notify you and you’ll see your options and further instructions in your account.

If you're already traveling and find out about a disruption before we notify you, please go to your account, open your trip, and click on ”Going to miss your connection?” We’ll automatically show you some alternatives or redirect you to contacts.
We’ll try to offer you an alternative itinerary as soon as possible, especially when you're already traveling. However, in some cases, our agents need to check the alternatives manually, which might take up to 4 hours.

What if I don't add the Kiwi.com Guarantee?

If there's a disruption, we'll only offer you paid alternatives or a refund depending on the carrier policy. What trip refund options do I have? 

For the full info about the Kiwi.com Guarantee, check our Terms and Conditions, article 5 and 6. To learn more about us and how we book your trip, check What is Kiwi.com? and How does Kiwi.com book trips with the carriers? 

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