Refund & Cancellation Policy of


  1. General
    1. This refunds and cancellation policy (“Policy”) forms an inseparable part of the General Terms and Conditions (“General Terms”) (available at /en/pages/content/legal). Terms defined in the General Terms shall have the same meaning when used in the Policy. References to the singular include the plural and vice versa.
    2. As defined in the General Terms, the price which you pay for the Booking (“Booking Price”) consists of:
      1. the price of the Carriage and Carrier Ancillaries (“Reservation Price”) which is paid to the Carriers for the completion of the Carrier Reservations,
      2. the price of the Ancillary Services (“Ancillary Services Price”) which is paid to the Ancillary Service Providers for the reservation of the Ancillary Services,
      3. the fee for the Services (“ Service Fee”).
    3. The breakdown of the Booking Price is displayed to you during the booking process. The Service Fee is only refundable until we order the Third-Party Services and pay the Third-Party Service Price to the Third-Party Service Providers. Once we do, the Service Fee is non-refundable and unless expressly stated otherwise, the various refund methods described in this Policy are only applicable for the Reservation Price. The Ancillary Services Price is refundable based on the terms and conditions of the Ancillary Services Providers applicable to the selected Ancillary Services.
  2. Refunds for non-processed bookings
    1. In some cases, even though you complete the Booking on and pay us the price, we don’t order the Third-Party Services. The reasons for this include, but are not limited to, the following:
      1. your payment was declined by our fraud detection service,
      2. the price changed and you declined to pay the difference,
      3. the ticket which you ordered was sold out before we managed to book it,
      4. we were unable to book the ticket due to a technical issue on our side or on the side of the Carrier or Additional Service Provider,
      5. some of the information you provided to us was invalid or missing and therefore it was not possible to finish the reservation with the Carrier or Additional Service Provider,
      6. you already made the same order, and our systems detected that the order was a duplicate.
    2. Should the scenario according to Art. 2.1 above occur, we shall return the Booking Price to your original payment method. We reserve the right to offer you Credit instead of a monetary refund and refund you to the original payment method only after the expiry of this offer.
  3. Refunds for processed bookings
    1. Once we reserve the Third-Party Services, as mentioned in Art. 1.3. of this Policy, the Service Fee is no longer refundable. The refund of the Reservation Price is dependent on the refund method you choose. Processing of the cancellation request and the refund received from the Carrier is considered as an additional service of and is governed by the conditions set out in this Policy (“Refund Handling Service''). For the provision of the Refund Handling Service, shall have the right to a fee depending on the chosen refund type as specified below (“Refund Handling Fee”). The Refund Handling Fee shall always be deducted from the received refund from the Third-Party Service Providers. Should the Refund Handling Fee be higher than the received amount, we shall not charge you the difference exceeding the amount of the received refund.
    2. Upon confirmation of your order of the Refund Handling Service through the Platform, or via contact with our customer support team, you appoint as your attorney-in-fact and grant us power of attorney and all powers necessary to represent you in the extent necessary for the recovery of the refund from the Carrier. If a written power of attorney is required by the Carrier or other involved party, on our request, you are obliged to provide us with such written confirmation in a form set by us. Furthermore, you expressly agree that is allowed to carry out any and all actions that may be necessary to practically recover the amount in your name (e.g. using the B2C customer contact channels of the Carriers, filing chargebacks, etc.).
    3. Cancellation by the customer
      1. If you wish to cancel your reserved Carriage for your own reasons and there is no Disruption of the ordered Carriage (e.g. the flight wasn’t canceled), you may do so using the Cancellation Services under the conditions of Virtual Fare Conditions. Cancellation Services include Refund Handling Service and all relevant conditions of this Policy shall apply.
      2. The Refund Handling Fee is included in the Cancellation Service Fee and shall be governed by the Art. 6 of the General Terms.
    4. Cancellation by the Carrier
      1. If the Carriage gets canceled by the Carrier, the conditions of the Refund Handling Service available to you shall depend on whether you purchased the Guarantee during the Booking Process or not. In case where the Guarantee rules do not apply due to the limitations described in Art. 4.9 of the General Terms, all refunds shall be handled in accordance with the Art. 3.4.3 of this Policy.
      2. With the Guarantee
        1. If you bought the Guarantee and your Carriage was canceled (or otherwise disrupted), depending on the applicable scenario, as defined in Art. 4 of the General Terms, some of the solutions available to you might be different forms of refund of the Reservation Price of the canceled Carriage.
        2. Under this type of Refund Handling Service, upon confirmation of your choice, which shall be presented to you by us, shall pay you back the whole Reservation Price without undue delay.
        3. Upon confirmation of your choice under the Guarantee, you assign to us all your rights, titles and, claims against the Carrier arising in connection to the Itinerary for which the Refund Handling Service was ordered for any refund or compensation (i) under the Contract of Carriage with the Carrier or (ii) based on the applicable law, as further defined in Art. 6.5 of the General Terms. Furthermore, you agree to provide us with all reasonably required assistance to recover such refund or compensation.
      3. Without the Guarantee
        1. If you did not buy the Guarantee and your Carriage was canceled, you still have an option to ask us to recover a refund from the Carrier. Upon your confirmation of such a request, we shall try to recover the refund from the Carrier. The recovered amount and the length of the processing will depend on the terms and policies of the Carrier.
        2. For this type of Refund Handling Service, we have the right to deduct a fee from the recovered amount before we refund you. We won't send you any refund if the recovered amount is smaller than the Refund Handling Fee. The Refund Handling Fee is displayed or otherwise communicated to you during the booking process or while ordering the Refund Handling Service order form. In case no price for this type of Refund Handling Service was displayed to you during the booking process nor on the Refund Handling Service order form, nor was it otherwise communicated to you, the Refund Handling Service will be free of charge.
        3. Given the fact that the amount, method, and processing time of the refunds always depends on the Carrier, cannot (and does not) guarantee the outcome and the duration of the refund recovery efforts. There might be cases where you don’t have the right to a refund under the Contract of Carriage or the applicable law. In such a case, we will let you know that the booking is not refundable. Unfortunately, we don’t know this before we try so before ordering this type of Refund Handling Service, you should check your Contract of Carriage if you have the right to any refund.
        4. If your Itinerary consists of multiple Carriages and you order a Refund Handling Service, we reserve the right to wait until we receive all of the refundable amounts from the individual Carriers before we send you a refund.
      4. Special cases — Upfront payment of refunds
        1. In some cases, even if you did not buy the Guarantee during the booking process, we reserve the right to offer you a special type of Refund Handling Service where we refund you the Reservation Price or its part before we receive any refund from the Carrier in consideration of you assigning your rights, titles, and claims against the Carrier arising in connection to the canceled Carriage to The conditions set out in Art. 3.4.2(c) apply accordingly. The refund may also be done in the form of the Credit under the conditions set out in Art. 3.5 of this Policy.
        2. The offer may also be time-limited. In such a case, you agree that upon expiry of the offer, may give you the refund in Credit, upon which the assignment according to the Art. above shall take place. You have an option to reject the offer even after the expiry of the offer and after the Credit is added to your account. However, you will lose the option to reject the refund if you use any of the refunded Credit.
        3. If you reject the offer, your case shall be treated under the condition of the standard Refund Handling Service without a purchased Guarantee according to Art. 3.4.3 of this Policy.
    5. Refund in Credit
      1. Credit is governed by the Art. 7 of the General Terms.
      2. Instead of any monetary payments to which you would have the right under this Policy or the General Terms based on your order of any type of the Refund Handling Service, incl. the Cancellation Service, shall have the right to award you with the Credit of the equivalent or higher amount. The refund in Credit shall be considered as equivalent to any potential monetary refund and by refunding you in Credit, any obligation to pay the monetary refund shall be considered as fulfilled.
      3. Under the Refund Handling Service conditions for involuntary cancellations which apply to Bookings without the paid Guarantee (Art. 3.4.3 of this Policy), in cases where receives a monetary refund from the Carrier, you will have the option to opt-out of the refund in Credit and receive a monetary refund instead.
    6. General Provisions
      1. Proactive refund recovery. Generally, we shall not initiate the recovery of any refunds for a canceled Carriage from the Carrier without your prior confirmation of the order of the Refund Handling Service. However, in some cases, recovery of the refund may be significantly more difficult, or even impossible, after the expiration of certain periods set contractually by the Carrier or other involved parties (e.g. banks involved in the transaction). If such a situation occurs, we may, at our sole discretion, initiate the recovery of a refund without your prior confirmation using any method we see fit. For such cases, you give authorization to a similar extent as defined in Art. 3.2 of this Policy.
      2. Alternative payment method. In case you are entitled to receive a monetary refund in accordance with this Policy or the General Terms but we cannot send it back to the payment method which you used to pay to us (e.g. because the used payment method is no longer accepting refunds), we will send you a request to fill in alternative refund method. Unless you react to this in a period specified within the request, we reserve the right to refund you in Credit in the equivalent amount.
      3. Costs of lost chargebacks. In case you try to recover any amount you paid to us through the chargeback system with your bank, and you subsequently lose the chargeback, i.e. your chargeback request gets denied, we shall have the right to reimbursement of any costs and fees which we were obligated to pay to defend ourselves against such unsubstantiated chargeback requests. Any such amount will be set off against any amount payable to you.