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Wamos Air destinations map 2020

Wamos Air offers scheduled flights to the following five destinations: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

Wamos Air doesn't have any active routes.

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Although many people don't know Wamos Air, they are the third-largest long-haul airline in Spain. They operate regular flights to destinations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba, and they also operate charter flights.

Wamos Air flights

Airline codeEB
Airport home baseMAD
Year foundedJune 2003
Fleet size11
Aircraft typeAirbus A330-200, Boeing 747-400

Wamos Air baggage policy in 2020

Cabin baggage: you can carry 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 8 kg with maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cm.

Checked baggage: passengers on B747 flights can bring up to 40 kg of luggage in tourist class. Business-class passengers can bring 60 kg as well as golf equipment free of charge. On Airbus A330 flights, the baggage allowance is 23kg tourist class and 60kg in Business class. Everything over the admitted luggage weight per passenger in Economy and Business Class will be charged.

Frequently asked questions

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Does Wamos Air have in-flight entertainment?

Yes, Wamos On Air streams movies, music, and television to any device connected to their in-flight Wi-Fi network. You can also read and download newspapers and magazines via the network.

Who owns Wamos Air?

Wamos is owned by Springwater Capital (81%) and Royal Caribbean Cruises (19%).

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