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Guatemala is a lovely country which you need to go to.

The country is full of beautiful places and natural areas to see. The most popular city is Guatemala City with all its historical parts.

There are other major cities like Mixco, Villa Nueva, Cobán, Quetzaltenango, Jalapa and many others where you can travel during your trip to Guatemala.

While visiting Guatemala make sure you try some of the best local food like Kak'ik, Antojitos, Pepián, Hilachas, Jocón.

Guatemala accepts Quetzal (GTQ). Therefore, we advise you to exchange money prior to your trip for the best rates.

Guatemala has a population of 17.26 million inhabitants, making it one of the top 100 most populated countries in the world.

The only official language in Guatemala is Spanish. Whilst the largest part of locals speak Spanish, it is very common to hear conversations in Mayan languages, English – these are the languages most spoken in Guatemala.

Guatemala shares borders with Mexico, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean.

Guatemala has a tropical climate. When packing for your trip to Guatemala, check if you have all the essentials such as your passport, flight tickets, a camera to save your travel memories, chargers or power banks.

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