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Do I have to recheck my baggage?

Summary: If you have a connecting flight then you need to recheck your baggage at each airport, even if your connecting flight is with the same airline.

There are visa implications when rechecking baggage so book your flights with care. You'll need to pass through immigration as part of the process.
You may need to recheck your bags when:
  • The airlines don't provide the service: e.g. low-cost airlines.
  • The airlines in your trip do not cooperate on baggage.
More info
  • We allow our passengers a sufficient layover time between flights for the rechecking process.
  • Some carriers can book your checked baggage all the way through to your final destination. They'll inform you if this is possible when they take the baggage.
  • If you only have cabin baggage, you do not need to worry about rechecking it. 
  • When your flights have different PNR numbers, you may need a visa — even without baggage.

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