My trip has been rescheduled

We automatically notify you about any changes in your itinerary as soon as the carriers inform us. You’ll see your options and further instructions in your account.

Changes that don’t affect your itinerary

If the carrier changes your itinerary by less than 24 hours and you can catch all your connections from the same booking, we'll update your itinerary and send you an updated e-ticket.

If the new times don’t fit your personal schedule, you can request a trip change, which usually incurs a fee.

Changes that affect your itinerary

When the carrier makes a departure time change that affects the rest of your itinerary or is more than 24h, we’ll send you some alternative options or a refund. 

If you have the Guarantee, we’ll offer you a free alternative option, if available. However, please note that the Guarantee doesn’t apply in force majeure situations such as COVID-19. We’ll do our best to help, but we can’t guarantee any free options or refunds – the refunds might depend on the carriers.

What if I'm already traveling? 

If you’ve already started your journey and there’s been a schedule change, please sign in to your account and open your trip. 
  • If we know about the disruption, you’ll see further instructions. You should also receive a notification.
  • If we haven’t been notified, you’ll be able to report it. Click “Going to miss your connection?”, and we’ll show you your options.
If this doesn’t help, or if the carrier has offered you an alternative option that you’d like to take, please contact us.

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