There's a delay. What should I do?

If your flight is delayed, please monitor the situation at the airport for the most up-to-date information. The new departure time might change again, so keep an eye on it.
Download the app to get notified about delays. We'll let you know as soon as we learn of any delay that affects your trip.
You can also google your flight number or use a flight-tracking website like FlightAware.
Some carriers might offer free refreshments or vouchers as compensation for longer delays, so it's worth checking directly with them at the airport if you think you might be entitled to something. 

What if I can't catch my connection?

If you’re currently traveling and there's a delay that affects your connections, please go to your account, open your trip, and click on Going to miss your connection? We’ll show you your options and further instructions. 
We might also advise you to contact us directly. You’ll find an option to message or call us on the Contact us page or below this and any other article. Our phone numbers are also on your e-ticket.
If you have the Guarantee, we’ll offer you some alternative options or a refund. 
If we can't see the delay in our systems, our agents will need to confirm it manually before they can assist you further.
You should also let us know when you'll be boarding the delayed flight, bus, or train so that we can book you an alternative that you’ll be able to catch.

In some cases, we might advise you to book an alternative yourself at the airport or station. However, don’t book anything before you confirm it with our agent and agree on a refund. You might lose the Guarantee.

What if my baggage is delayed or there are long queues at the airport?

If you miss your connection because of long queues at the airport, delayed baggage, or similar, please follow the instructions above.

If you miss your trip because of your own fault, you'll need to arrange and pay for your own alternative trip. However, you can try to apply for a refund for the missed trip.

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