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General questions about traveling and the coronavirus

Summary: Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the coronavirus.

Can I cancel my booking because of the coronavirus?
If your trip hasn't been canceled or changed by the carrier, you can cancel your booking when you sign in. To see the details, click on "Refunds and cancellations" at the top of the page.

We’ll offer you the following refund options:
  1. A refund according to the fare type you selected when you made the booking. We'll refund it to you via Credit or your original payment method.
  2. An assisted refund — we'll contact the carrier(s) on your behalf and send you the available refund in full as soon as we receive it. You'll need to pay a €20 processing fee upfront. Assisted refunds will take longer to process due to the severity of the situation caused by the pandemic.
  3. Carrier self-service — we'll provide you with all the credentials you need to get full control of your booking with the carriers. You can learn more about self-service in our Refunds and cancellations article
Can I expect any specific refund if my trip's been canceled or changed by the carrier?
If the carrier changed or canceled your trip because of the coronavirus, we'll reach out to you with the details and all of your options. You'll also see them when you sign in to your booking.

Why is it taking so long to get through to you on the phone?
We're experiencing a high number of calls due to the enormous scale of the pandemic. One of our call centers has been severely limited in capacity due to preventative safety measures.
That's why we're prioritizing passengers who're traveling within the next 3 days and need our immediate support.

Does my travel insurance cover cancellations in force majeure situations?
The coverage depends on the type of insurance and the insurance provider. It's best to get in touch with them as soon as possible with any concerns.

If you purchased insurance with, you'll find the details in your confirmation email and when you sign in to your booking. The contact information is also on your e-ticket.

Is it safe to travel? 
It's generally safe to travel unless there has been a travel ban or a restriction to travel to some country.

To make an informed decision, we advise you to follow the health recommendations of your government as well as the governments of other countries in your itinerary. You'll find this on the webpages of ministries of health and immigration.

With the current coronavirus situation, it's also good to pay attention to the news.

Want to get push notifications about the coronavirus?
You can now receive updates about the coronavirus pandemic in our mobile app. Just download our app or scan the following QR code. And make sure you enable push notifications.

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