Ryanair’s refund process

You might need to apply for a refund of your canceled Ryanair flight directly with Ryanair because of their updated policy. If this applies to you, we’ll let you know via email.
You can try to get a refund even if we’ve already sent you a Ryanair voucher. There’s still a chance that Ryanair will convert it to a monetary refund.

How to apply for a refund with Ryanair?

You’ll have to submit Ryanairs Customer Verification Form with these details:
  • Online travel agency (OTA): that’s us, Kiwi.com.
  • Booking reference (PNR): this is the airline reservation number, officially called  “Passenger Name Record”. You’ll find it in the Trip summary section of your trip page. Click on the flight detail to see it.
  • Your name & email
In the next step, they’ll ask you to add these attachments:
  • Customer verification form: you can download it here
  • Copy of your ID and signature: you can take a photo of your passport or driving license and of your matching signature.
  • Proof of bank details showing IBAN/BIC: this can be a screenshot from your internet banking or a photo of the top of your bank statement
  • Original booking confirmation: you can use the e-ticket you’ll find at the bottom of your trip page or in the booking confirmation email we sent you. 

What happens next?

Ryanair will manage your request and will contact you directly. If you need to reach out to them, you can find their contacts here.

Why do I need to provide my details again if I already sent them to you?

Ryanair unfortunately doesn’t cooperate with travel service providers like us. 

As they now only provide refunds directly to the passengers, they need your details to verify that it’s really you.

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