Trip disruptions because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Flights to and from Ukraine and other countries are still being canceled due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. If you’re planning to travel to, from, or through Ukraine or its neighboring countries, your trip might be affected as well.
⚠️ Some countries closed their airspace and many imposed bans on travel to and from Russia or on Russian airlines. Please check the carrier websites for fresh information about your route.
This is a force majeure situation, so our regular fare type rules or Guarantee don’t apply in most cases. But we’ll try to help you as much as we can.

What happens if my trip gets canceled or disrupted?

We’ll send you an email with your options as soon as we learn about the disruption.

It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to offer you an alternative trip because of the uncertainty of the situation. But you can request a refund.

We’ll either offer you an assisted refund, where the refund amount and speed depend on the carriers, or — if possible — an exceptional full refund from our own pocket. This will depend on the situation, so please wait for our email.

What if my trip hasn’t been canceled?

It’s possible that it will be affected sooner or later and we’ll inform you if that happens.

You can either monitor the situation in the media and wait, or cancel your trip on your own. You’ll see your refund options in your account.
If you’re about to depart soon, you might be able to choose an assisted refund instead of a regular refund that depends on your ticket fare type. If you don’t see such an option yet and aren’t supposed to travel within the next few days, please wait and check your account later. We might add more options for you.

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