How will I get my boarding pass?

If we offer an online check-in service for your flight and have all the necessary details from you, you’ll receive a notification that your boarding pass is ready as soon as we check you in with the airline.
You can expect it 6h before departure at the latest, but we’ll do our best to get it for you earlier. Most airlines open their online check-in one or two days before departure, so we’ll start checking you in then.
The only exception is Ryanair, where it might occasionally take
up to 2h before departure.
You can then download your boarding pass from your trip page — it’s always the original airline boarding pass in a PDF version. Or get the app, where you’ll also find a mobile version with a QR code that is accessible offline.

If you’re using the app and want to print the boarding pass, you can easily access the original PDF there. Just tap under the mobile version to download it.

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