What if I miss Kiwi.com’s check-in service or don’t want to check in through Kiwi.com?

If you don’t add the details for our online check-in service up to 24h before departure, you’ll have to check in directly with the airline
⚠️ We’d advise adding your details before our deadline whenever we offer the service. We offer it in all cases where you might face difficulties checking in with the airlines.
You should count on the following:

🔐 You might not be able to check in online

Some airlines might not offer online check-in for your flight or you won’t be able to log in to their website. It’s because we book the trips using agency accounts or virtual credentials.
For example, Ryanair requires more details than other airlines so you might have difficulties accessing your booking with them.
How does Kiwi.com book trips with the carriers?

💰 You might need to pay for airport check-in

Some low-cost airlines charge a fee if you check in at the airport. It can be as much as €55 per passenger
If we offered to check you in online and you didn’t add your details before our check-in deadline, we won’t reimburse you this fee. We also won’t reimburse airport check-in fees if you’re charged for not completing Ryanair’s verification process — we informed you that they might require you to do so before you booked and paid for your trip.

🕒 You might not have enough time for airport check-in

If you have a no-checked-bag itinerary with a self-transfer and a short layover, you might not have enough time to check in at the airport. You could miss your next flight.
You’ll see the info that you have a no-checked-bag itinerary in your trip and on your e-ticket.

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