What's unique about Kiwi.com?

At Kiwi.com, we help you find and book cheap itineraries that you won’t find with other search engines or carriers. Our Kiwi-Code checks all available routes and their combinations to identify the best deals to make travel accessible and open to all.

In addition to regular one-way or round-trip itineraries, we also offer our unique travel hacks. Whether that looks like combining separate flights that are cheaper than a carrier connection, or getting off during your layover instead of the final destination because it’s cheaper than a direct flight — with us, you’ll always see all the options.

How does it work?

You can adjust our search options to find just the right itinerary for you and use hacks like price alerts to get the best deal. 

When you book your trip with us, we’ll make your reservation with the carriers and handle baggage, seating, and other services that come with the reservation for you.
⚠️ If you make changes or request additional services after you book, we might charge processing fees. This will depend on the service options you pick during booking.
But it doesn’t end here. Our bookings include different services/options, and we offer extra support to make traveling with multiple carriers simple, so that you know what to expect and stay protected in case of unexpected events. Each carrier has its own rules, so we’ve unified your options for when you need to change or cancel, and we offer unique services such as Disruption Protection that will help you in case of carrier disruptions.
💡 ​​Our Disruption Protection is especially convenient when the carriers in your itinerary don’t cooperate and you have a self-transfer during the layover. If you book such an itinerary, any disruptions that might affect your connection won’t be covered by the carriers. But with Disruption Protection, we’ll help you reach your final destination or get a refund.
We can also offer to check you in online for all of your flights, so you don’t have to do it manually with each airline.
And on top of our own services, we provide third-party extras such as travel insurance or AirHelp’s compensation services.

If you'd rather get refunded

If you can’t travel or don’t like any of the offered alternatives, you should apply for a refund. Please note that you can only apply for a refund for the whole itinerary. 

You’ll get refunded for the unused parts of your trip if you have Disruption Protection. If not, you can apply for a carrier refund for the canceled flights through us or directly with the carrier.

You can sign in to your account, open your trip, and click Refunds and cancellations at the top of the page.
When the carriers cancel the trip, they should usually provide a full refund for the canceled portion. However, their policies might be slightly different in force majeure or other extraordinary situations. 
Check the carriers' policy in your itinerary to know what to expect.

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