What is the Kiwi.com Guarantee (disruption protection) and why is it useful?

Our Kiwi.com Guarantee (disruption protection) is a unique extra service that covers you if your trip gets disrupted because carriers changed, canceled, or delayed any part of it. If that happens, we’ll get you to your destination or can immediately send you a refund.

You can add the Kiwi.com Guarantee (disruption protection) when you book your trip. It's also possible to add it afterwards, but its availability depends on your departure date. If it is still available, you’ll be able to add it in your trip page

Why is it useful?

Short answer — with our Kiwi.com Guarantee (disruption protection), you get more alternative routes than carriers offer and we cover your costs even when they don’t.
If there’s a disruption that prevents you from getting to your destination or a change of more than 24h, you can choose to take one of the alternative trips we offer, or we can refund you for the parts of your itinerary you couldn’t take.

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Also, we always guarantee your whole Kiwi.com trip — even if you travel with multiple carriers or have different carrier reservations (this is what we call a self-transfer).
Let’s say your flight from Prague to London is delayed, which causes you to miss your self-transfer connection from London to New York. If you have the Kiwi.com Guarantee (disruption protection), we’ll offer you free alternatives to New York and book whichever best suits your schedule.

And if you’d prefer not to travel on to New York, we’ll refund you the full cost of your original flight.

What if I don’t add it?

We’ll still help you if there are disruptions and offer you alternative trips, but we won’t cover the costs or guarantee a refund — a refund will depend on the carriers. You can also request an alternative directly from them without our assistance.

The carriers are likely to only reimburse the parts of your trip they canceled or significantly changed. They have no obligation to cover any other reservations you might have.
In the above example of a missed flight to New York, the carrier operating your first flight from Prague to London won’t offer a reimbursement or an alternative to New York because that leg of your trip wasn’t a part of their reservation. 

The carrier operating your flight to New York won’t offer you options either since their flight was not the one that experienced the delay.
You can read more about your rights in case of disruptions and what you can expect from us and the carriers here.

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