How do I get promo codes for friend referrals?

If you enjoy using, you can invite your friends and family to travel with us too. For each person who creates an account and books a trip with us based on your referral, you’ll get a €20 promo code. Plus, your friends who create an account will get a €10 promo code as well.

How does referring a friend work?

Go to the Refer a friend page to find your unique invitation link. You can send it out to your friends and family or share it on social media. After creating an account, we’ll email your friend a €10 promo code which they can use in the next 30 days to book a trip over €200. 
If the link expires, you can send your friends a new one from the same page.
For you to get your €20 promo code, you need to have a account (even if you haven’t traveled with us yet!) and your friend needs to book a trip. We’ll email you your code and you’ll also be able to see it in your account.

If you send your invitation link to a friend who already has an account, you can both still get your promo codes — but only if your friend hasn't booked a trip with us yet. 

How do I use promo codes for friend referrals?

Whether you received a promo code for referring a friend or you’re the invited friend, you can use the promo code on the checkout page by simply copying it from your email to the promo code field. There are just 3 conditions:
  1. The trip you’re booking needs to be over €200. 
  2. You can use your code only once. 
  3. You can’t combine multiple codes for a single trip. 
If you got a €20 promo code for referring a friend, you have 1 year to use it. If you’re the invited friend and got a €10 promo code, you have 30 days to use it.

We reserve the right to invalidate the promo code without notice if we suspect that the promo code was created or intended to be used for fraudulent activity.

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