What if my booking confirmation is delayed?

Our booking process is automated and usually takes around 20 minutes. However, there are instances where it can take longer, such as if a carrier reservation needs to be made manually. This could be the case if there’s a surge in bookings or if the carriers’ booking system has temporary technical difficulties. We also prioritize trips with departures scheduled in the next couple of days. Either way, we’ll work to confirm your booking within 24 hours, and will notify you once we have.
We connect unassociated carriers and routes, so our booking process is oftentimes more complex, and can take longer than standard sites. Read more about how we book trips here.

Where can I check my booking status?

You can always check the status of your booking by logging in to your account on our app or website and going to your trip page. Once your booking’s been confirmed, we’ll notify you by email. 
🔔 For instant notifications about your bookings and up-to-date info, we recommend downloading the Kiwi.com mobile app

Can I start planning the rest of my trip?

If we haven’t sent you your booking confirmation, we recommend holding off on planning your trip until you receive it.
You can contact us with questions, but please keep in mind that confirmation depends on the carriers as well.

What happens if I don’t get a confirmation?

We won’t keep you waiting for longer than 24 hours. In the rare case that your booking is not confirmed within this period, we’ll either offer you an alternative or void your payment.
Your money will remain in your bank account until we confirm your booking. We won’t fully accept the payment until then.

Can you guarantee the price?

Carriers update their pricing often, so it’s possible that the price of your itinerary could go up before we can confirm your booking for you.

Unfortunately we can’t control this, but we will cover unexpected price changes up to a certain extent. If a significant price change occurs, we’ll tell you so you can decide whether to pay the difference or cancel the booking for a full refund. 

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